The Second Part Of My New Quilt

I finished the second piece of the quilt I started working on and started on the third.   I also started playing around with what will happen between the pieces.  I’m excited about it so I’d like to work on it more tomorrow, but I have my potholders to finish up, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to it.

But that’s okay.  They will be waiting for me when I get back to my studio next week.

laying out some fabric for the third piece

Back At The Mansion

Peg’s Mythical Creature

Sometimes when I go to The Mansion to teach an art class, I expect to see the people who lived there when I first started volunteering.

I think about sitting on the couch next to Alice and just holding her hand.   Or watching Madeline draw the still life I set up while she tells stories about her childhood in the Bronx.

The change from one group of people to another should  have been gradual, more natural.  But the pandemic prevented that.  By the time Jon and I were able to go back into The Mansion many of the people we used to know were no longer there for one reason or another.

Things are just getting back to the way they were before the pandemic for me at The Mansion. The people who live there no longer wear masks so it’s easier to get to know them because I can see their faces.

But staff and visitors still wear masks which makes it harder to communicate especially with people who have even slight hearing loss.

Claudia and her clay bird

There are some people who come to my classes that I knew before covid shut down The Mansion. And I’m getting to know the newer people better.

I have an idea of who likes the feel of clay on their hand and who doesn’t.  I know that Claudia will always be there, eager and willing to do her best.  And Peg really focuses on the work, even if she takes it lightly.

I know that Lori is slow and deliberate in her work and Jane will claim she’s not an artist but shows up anyway and always makes something lovely.

Sharon, who is a poet, loves to accessorize and decorate whatever she makes.

June’s clay bird

I suppose I still have a bit of a “covid mind”.  So when Ruth wants a hug, I hesitate.  My comfort level isn’t what it used to be.

I don’t think I realized how much all of this had an effect on me and my work at The Mansion. Honestly, it’s just in writing this piece that I’m acknowledging these feeling for the first time.

Maybe it’s because it does seem like things are getting back to normal that I am able to let my guard down. Able to allow myself to feel what I’m feeling.

It’s a relief because knowing this I can now go back to The Mansion and make a fresh start. Not exactly starting over,  but maybe getting that old feeling back again that I really do belong there.

Sharon and her bird with the long lashes around her eyes and detailed feathers in her wings and tail.

A Day Of Mailing Heron Magnets

I did not get to my studio today and I did not take a walk in the woods, although it would have been a beautiful day for it.

But I Heron’s to get into the mail.

I was upstairs in the office/guestroom packing up a hundred Heron magnets.  I didn’t get them all done, and I won’t today because soon I’ll be off to my Bellydancing Class. But I will finish them tomorrow and get them in the mail.

I am surprised and very happy that so many people connected to my Heron enough to want a 2″x4″ magnet of it for themselves and to give to some of the people in their lives.

After selling out of the magnets in just 24 hours, I did buy some more.  I think there are probably people who wanted them and didn’t get them.  I also think they will make nice gifts for the upcoming holidays.

So I’ll have more Heron magnets to sell on Tuesday. And I thank you all for liking and wanting my Heron the way you do.

My Heron Magnets Sold Out

Thank you everyone, I just sold out of my Heron Magnets.

It’s been 24 hours since they went up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  That tells me that I should order more.

I love that my Heron will be showing up in people’s homes and lives in this way.  I hope to get my posters and postcards soon too.

More Herons are on the way.

I’m Starting A New Quilt

The 3 fabric pieces I began with

I started working on a new quilt today.  I chose three pieces of fabric from a selection of scraps that Fran sent me.

I guess I’m still working through something with my Heron because the first fabric square I chose to work on has similar colors.


I pulled out some pieces of fabric that worked with each square.  Some from my stash and many from a bag of scraps that Nancy sent me.

My idea is to make each section the same size and sew them together.

I finished the dark greens, blues and teals then started working on the piece above.  I want to get more pinks into this one.

There are so many shades of pink in the flowers and marsh that I see when I look out my studio window.

It wasn’t until I was putting up these pictures that I saw how closely the colors are related to the photo I took this morning of The Path to the Crab Apple Tree.



My “Heron” Magnets For Sale

My Heron Magnet For sale in my Etsy Shop.

Fate started whining and Bud was barking.  Then I saw the UPS truck drive away from the farm and I knew my Heron Magnets had arrived.

I was excited they looked as good as I’d imagined they would.  I took some pictures and posted my Heron Magnet for sale in my Etsy Shop.

The magnet is 2″x4″ and is $7 including shipping.  You can buy it here.

Or if you don’t like using Etsy, just email me at [email protected].  I take checks, Paypal, and Venmo.  You can also just send a check and let me know you’d like a magnet my address is: Maria Wulf, PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store


My Heron Magnets Coming Tomorrow

My Heron magnet

I’m excited to see my Heron Magnet. According to an email from Sticker Mule, it should be delivered tomorrow.

I got a hundred of them, so there will be plenty for anyone who wants one.  As soon as I get them I’ll put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop and on my blog.

I’m also waiting for my Heron Posters and Postcards.  We’re lucky enough to have a Print Shop right in town who do a great job.  I hope to have the posters and postcards by the end of the week.

The Barred Owl Again

The Barn Owl Potholder

Yesterday we saw the owl again.  Fate and I were on our way back during our walk in the woods when I saw the big bird fly between the tree tops.

The owl landed in a tall tree at the edge of the path just ahead of us.  She looked at me then swiveled her head to follow Fate as she circled the tree the owl sat in.

I tried to take a picture, but it wasn’t happening.   The iPhone kept switching settings, so I gave up.  I decided to just watch the owl instead.

I thought about what I’d just read about owls in the book An Immense World by Ed Yong.  How their ears are located behind their eyes, and that big round surface around each eye acts as a kind of satellite dish to take in the sound.

The ear openings are in different places so the owl can hear not only side to side, but up and down too.  One opening is positioned at 2 o’clock the other at 8 o’clock.

So as the owl moved her head I thought, she’s listening to us as well as seeing us.

Owls hunt by sound not sight.  That’s why their wings are silent when they fly, so the sound of their movement doesn’t interfere with their hearing a mouse running across the forest floor.

We stayed that way for a while. At one point I said, “hello owl.” Otherwise, I tried to be as quiet as she was.

She left first, flying across the path and into the trees.  I watched till she disappeared from my sight.

I have no doubt that the owl knows us pretty well by now. That we’re not strangers and she’s keeping an eye on us when we come into her woods. Maybe even purposely letting us know she’s there.

I didn’t go for a walk today, but when I went into my studio this morning, I was thinking about a linen dishtowel that Carolyn gave me.  I knew it had an owl on it along with some other birds.  The owl on the linen was a Barn Owl, not a Barred Owl like the one in the woods.  But I used it anyway.

Then I cut out a couple of the other birds on the linen to finish off a few more Potholders in the series I began on Friday with the little crooked houses.

I wonder if the owl will come to find us the next time I walk in the woods. I’m still thinking of the encounters I had with the ravens this summer and have an idea brewing that came to me in a dream a few nights ago.

Something’s going on with me and the birds lately.  I know that there is probably and message from the owl for me, but I haven’t looked into it.

Maybe I’m just not ready for it yet.


More Of Suzy’s Shawls Coming Soon….

Suzy’s had spun wool

It’s almost that time of year again when I sell Suzy Fatzinger’s shawls right here on my blog.

She has two just about done and two more in the works.  As many of you know Suzy started selling her Shawls at our Bedlam Farm Open Houses.  When we stopped having the Open Houses, I continued selling them on my blog every fall.

Suzy (who one of my oldest sheep is named after) hand spins all the wool she uses in her hand-knit shawls.  Some of it comes from her own Mohair goats.  And some of the wool she gets from her favorite fiber artists.

That ball of yellow wool (with the ears popping up behind it.  I have to ask Suzy which of her animals they belong to) comes from my sheep.

We did a trade back in 2020.  She knit a scarf for Jon’s daughter Emma and I gave her some of Liam’s raw wool and a bump of yellow roving made from Liam and Rosemary’s wool.

Suzy hand spun the yellow roving and used it in a couple of her shawls. Now she has a little bit left and plans to use it along with the wool (in all those rich fall colors) it’s on top of in the picture above.

Every year when I sell Suzy’s shawls I post pictures and videos of her goats.

Some of you may remember seeing pictures of Larry her angora goat.  I was sorry to hear that Larry died this fall.  He was old and Suzy was worried about him having to deal with the coming winter.  He died naturally one night in the barn before the cold weather came.   Suzy said the other goats were sitting outside the barn when she found him as if they were holding vigil.

I wish such a death for my older sheep when it’s their time.

So far Suzy has one shawl in fall colors and two others in blues and neutral colors.  It will probably be another week or so before they are ready to be put up for sale.  As soon as they are, you’ll see them here.

Suzy’s Goat Larry
Full Moon Fiber Art