Moth and Flower Potholders And Some Meditation Trees For Sale

Rainbow Moth Potholder

I have just a few Moth and Flower Potholders for sale and some more of my small Meditation Trees too.

They are all in my Etsy Shop.  You can see and buy them here.

Meditation Tree XXXI

My Meditation Trees are about 7″x11″.  They all individually stitch on tea stained fabric.  They are $40 + $5 shipping.   And each one comes with 3M sticky hangers.

I’ll keep making them until everyone who wants one has one.  And since many people are buying them as gifts, I think they are a good constant in my Etsy Shop.

Flower with Sky Potholder

My Potholders are $25 each + $5 shipping.  I have two Moth Potholders and two Flower Potholders.  They work well together, I can see one of each making a good pair.

You can buy them all and more in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here. 

Orange Moth Potholder

The Sky Above My Meditation Tree

Meditation Tree  24″x40″

I was going to give my Meditation Tree more time.  Let it be over the weekend and come back fresh on Monday.  But that didn’t happen.  When I went into my studio, I knew what I needed to do.

So I took out the paint and my brush and worked on the space about the tree.   I smiled when I took a step back and looked at it.

It was just what I hoped for.

Is there anything else to be done?  I’ll leave that for Monday when I get into my studio and see my tree as if for the first time. I’ll need that space to be sure.

I do plan on finishing my Meditation Tree next week.  It’s still needs a backing to finish off the rough edges.  It will be about 24″x40″ when it is done and is $350. + shipping.

Last Night I Dreamed…

Lori, Kim and Issachar

Last night I dreamed that I was in an empty office building.  I walked into a big empty room with a desk in it. On the ceiling was a grate.  I had a skein of my wool in my hand and I threw it up at the grate.

The yarn hung down in conical shapes creating a flowering sculpture.

The empty room turned into an art museum.

Then I looped two strands of  my wool under my feet and it lifted me off the ground.  I started to walk around in the air as if I were flying.

I kept remarking at how strong my wool was.

I woke from my dream feeling light and confident.   The dream seemed an affirmation of my art and the wool my sheep grow.

Yesterday at the end of Bellydancing Class my teacher and friend Julz did reiki on me.  All during class she  felt and saw the infection on the right side of my face.

We sat on the floor while Kathleen and Trish dance together.  Julz sat behind me and held her hands on either side of my face.  I felt her touch even though she never touched me.  I close my eyes and left myself for the minutes it took.

Reiki is healing with energy.  I believe will help clear my infection and that it spawned my dream.

Trust The Tree

painting the sky on my Meditation Tree

Oh, I had such a good idea for the space above my Meditation Tree.  But then when I was done, it worried me.

Such indecision, all day long.  Back and forth I went, sampling paint on scraps,  trying one thing then another.

“Give it time I told,” myself.  “Don’t rush it.  That’s anxiety.”

So I finished sewing the Potholders and small Meditation Trees I started earlier in the week.

Then tried something else.

I went for a walk and sang Let It Be to the trees.  And when I got back I tried again, unsuccessfully.

“Leave,” I told myself at 5:45,  “Go in the house now and come back tomorrow.  Trust the tree and yourself.”

Sewing The Spiral On My Meditation Tree


I sewed down the spiral on my Meditation Tree today.   In the center I placed a small mirror.  I tried some beads, and shells, but the little mirror brought a whole other layer to the piece.

The mirror in the center of the spiral

I also painted the old hand quilting coming off the spiral.  Just the straight lines making layers under the tree.

Next I’ll work on the space above the tree top.

Working on my Meditation Tree in my Studio

More Work On My Meditation Tree

I just got the spiral looking the way I want it to.  A gradual spiraling in (After many attempts I realized I had to start from the outside and work my way to the center not the other way around) the lines getting closer as the spiral got smaller.

I pinned it on to the back and began basting the silk stands down when my phone rang.  Something is wrong with Jon’s iPhone.  Bad enough that we need to go to the Apple store in Albany  an hour from the farm to get it fixed.

That leaves me an  hour to get my work done.  Because I know when we get  back it will be late and I’m going to be too tired to do much of anything.

So the basting and finish sewing of my earth energy spiral will have to wait.

But I’m glad I got the work done on my Meditation Tree that I did today.  It feels like it’s all falling into place.

I finished sewing on my flower tassels.  They helped give shape to the tree top, then I did more painting on the  old hand quilted stitches to bring out the patterns they create in the branches and around the trunk of the tree.

I know now that I’ll be doing more painting above and below the tree too.

I’ll be looking forward to working on it again tomorrow.

The Flowers On My Meditation Tree

Sewing a “seed” on my tree

The sewed some of the flowers on my Meditation Tree today.   Little tassels like flowers on a sugar maple before the leaves are full.  I made mine from embroidery thread. There are still more to do, but I figured out how to tie them and cut them to size.

Flowers full of potential, because meditation is a practice, not a destination.


Today In My Studio

The Moth and flower potholders I made today

I finished up my day in the studio by mopping my floor.  And it needed it.

I take off my shoes and put on my slippers when I go into my studio.  But even with that and the rug by the door, mud travels this time of year.

But before I even got into my studio, I figured out what my Meditation Tree needed in its branches.

I was actually in the yard picking up after the dogs this morning when it came to me.  My Meditation Tree is budding, not in full bloom.  It’s about potential, not being there.  Meditation is a practice, and my tree wants to reflect that.

What came to mind is the flowers, that always look like tassels to me,  which sprout from the sugar maples that surround my studio.

So when I got to work this morning, the first thing I did was go through my thread and embroidery floss to see what would make the best tassels for my tree.  I decided on a gold embroidery floss.

Then I moved on to working with the remainder of my Moth Fabric. I’d used all the butterflies in last weeks potholders, but there were still  a few moths and some flowers.

I’m also tea staining some pieces of muslin and will make five more small  Meditation Tree wall hangings next week.

And on Monday, when I go back to my studio, it will be nice and clean.

Full Moon Fiber Art