Quilt Backs From Bev


The sheets I got from Bev

Someone just dropped off three bags of sheets, Bev texted me, you can have them for free if you use them.

Sheets are great for quilt backings so I said yes, knowing I wouldn’t be able to use them all but could put the ones that didn’t work for me in the clothes bin at the American Legion.

When we came home on Friday night there were three big plastic bags on the backporch.

I think that by now, Bev who owns Carroll’s Trading Post, one of the consignment shops in town, knows what many people need.  She often will call Jon to let him know she has shirts or shoes that she thinks will be good for some of the people who live at The Mansion.

Bev also lets me know when she gets a piece of clothing in that she thinks I might be interested in.  I always go to see what she has and I never feel any pressure to buy them if aren’t quite right, but she’s pretty good at knowing what I like.

I imagine Bev texts a lot of people in town, giving them what they might be able to use when she can’t sell it and selling them what they might want to buy.

Today I washed and hung out the sheets from Bev.  Sunny and breezy, it was perfect drying weather.

A New Batch Of Potholders

For the past few days, I was so tied, didn’t want to get out of bed.   But today I woke up full of energy and ready for the day.  I started by stacking some firewood then spent the rest of the day designing potholders.

The last batch I made sold out quickly, so I figured it was time to make some more.

I began with the hearts and eggs. I think they’re all sold already.  I had a few people ask about them the last time I used that same fabric. I told them I’d make some more and now this the last of it.

After that, I moved on to the pink and black butterflies and eggs on the top left. Like the hearts and eggs, I like the combination of butterflies and eggs together.  Although the images are very different it the subject matter I would find in my Image Of The Goddess book.

The hummingbirds were tough because the fabric they were on was so pretty and perfect just as it was.  So instead of making them better, which I knew I couldn’t, I tried to make them mine.

There are also butterflies on the same piece of fabric, but I didn’t get to them.  It came in a box that Judy sent me. She needed to make some space in her sewing room.  It’s as if she curated the fabric just for me.  Some great Potholder fabric and other colors and patterns that I can easily use.

So many of you have sent me so much wonderful fabric in the past month that I need to rearrange my shelves to make room for it.  But I’m too inspired by it all and don’t want to take the time to do it.  I think I’ll just keep working instead.

Spiderweb Sunbird, A Sixty Second Meditation

There’s a space in the barn between the doors we never open and the bales of hay where hidden things happen.

It’s in this space that I found Minnie after she was attacked and lost part of her leg.  It’s also a place where the hens lay their eggs in a clutch when they get broody.

Although for me it feels like a forgotten or neglected space, lives are lived and die there.  Things go on that I will never know.

Sometimes, like today, I remember to look.

When I did, the sun was leaking through the cracks in the barn boards lighting up the spiderwebs that criss-cross the space.  The breeze caused them to bob and bounce.

One web caught my eye because it looked to me like a bird in flight.

Birds In The House

The drawing I did in the little book the Kitty gave me

Feeling better but still off, now my brain was fuzzy too.  So I thought I’d take advantage of my soft thoughts which where having  a hard time forming, to start something new.  Not thinking can be key to creativity.

I had no ideas, so began by looking through my old quilts.  They have made the perfect backings for my fabric paintings in the past. I chose three, kept one face up and turned the other two over so there were two shades of quilted white to work with.

Then I looked at them.

I rejected the one face up and focused on the other two. I looked at the textured surfaces and what came to mind was a drawing I did, a few months ago, in the little book that Kitty gave me.

It was the couch and the birds that came back to me.  There’s something about the birds flying around in the house as if they belong there that appeals to me.

So I found the drawing and focused on the couch first. I knew I wanted to stitch it using my free-motion sewing machine, but first I wanted to make sure I knew how I wanted to draw it.  The couch in the drawing is the one in our living room. So I went into the house and did a drawing.

I wanted to have a feeling for it because I’d be stitching directly onto the piece of fabric that I’d be using for the fabric painting. But I didn’t want to draw the couch on the fabric first.  I wanted it to have the spontaneity and freshness of being stitched directly.

If my brain was foggy before I began, it was numb by the time I got done.  This is as far as I got, but it’s a beginning.

Summer Quilt

Summer Quilt

Maybe it’s the heat that has made my brain dull. But I didn’t need much of it anyway today to tack my Summer Quilt.

Shaded by two giant maples, my studio was cooler than the house.  I listened to short stories on  Selected Shorts as I pulled the sage green yarn through the quilt and tied the knots.

I was tired today.  A little queasy so I took the day slow, napping twice.

In a way, it was the perfect day to finish my Summer Quilt, although not quite summer, it sure feels like it today.

I had a few people ask about buying this quilt.  I take the requests for my quilts in the order they come in.  If it doesn’t work for the first person, I offer it to the second and so on.

I hope I’ve given the four embroidered panels a fresh context among the small patchwork squares that allude to gardens and windows into another more abstract summer world.

Close-ups of the embroidered panels and their surroundings…



The back of Summer Quilt.

Kitty Kat and Scrap Bin Potholders For Sale

My Kitty Kat Potholders for Sale in my Etsy Shop


Those old shaped Kitty Kat scraps of fabric that Hannah sent me were yowling to be made into potholders. A lot of the scraps that Nancy sent me came in handy making these.  Somehow they were just the right colors.

I also made some Scrap Bin potholders using Nancy’s scraps and some of my own.

A few have surprises in them. Like the very tiny pink Scotties with yellow coats, the little Boston Terriers and the bunny.

All these potholders are for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $20 each + $5 shipping for one or more. You can see them all close-up and buy them here. 

Scrap Bin Potholders for sale here.
Little Pink Scotties
Kitty Kat Potholder
Full Moon Fiber Art