Folding Fabric

Sharon’s fabric with one of her notes.

I pulled the fabric from the dryer in a big bundle and brought it to my studio. There I untangled the thinner pieces which were tied up in the loose threads from the frayed edges of the material.  I smoothed them out with my hands and folded them.

Then I placed them neatly in piles making order out of chaos.

The fabric sat in two boxes in the laundry room for a while.  I’d go through it to look for fabric that I might be able to use as I worked on a quilt or potholders. When I did I’d come across the notes that Sharon put in with each bundle of material wrapped in paper.  Some were written right on the wrapping others tucked between the folds.

This is left from one of my kids weddings-lots of table linens we still enjoy using” or “I love this winterberry fabric, but I’ve had it for years and never made what I was going to…so I hope you can use it”

I used the dahlia shower curtain for the backing of my “Who I Are” quilt.  Sharon wrote about it…”I was going to face the hem so we could use it, but haven’t done so….Makes me think of your garden.” 

In between writing letters to my representatives and washing and folding Sharon’s fabric, I got my “Who I Are” quilt ready to be mailed to its new home.

I knew I wouldn’t have been able to start working on something new today.  But there was something soothing about folding the fabric and finding a place for it in my studio. Something in its predictability and repetition.   Something I could depend on.

The Dahlia fabric on the back of “Who I Are

My Scrap Quilt, “Who I Are”


Tacking “Who I Are”

My studio door is open and the dogs come and go.  Mostly Fate keeps me company inside and Zinnia and Bud spend their time outside.

I’m halfway done tacking my latest quilt.

I’m calling the quilt “Who I Are.” The words come from poet Veronica Hallissey.  In an email, she wrote to me regarding this quilt and her own sense of balance when it comes to quilting. She also wrote…

It has taken, as I tell my sons, almost a hundred years? For me to realize who I ARE?   And I really say that. . . ARE!   Everyone is much more than they appear.”

This quilt, made of so many scraps that come together to present as a whole, yet like an acre of land is so much more that the surface measurement.

When Veronica speaks of using the word “Are” I believe she’s in some part referring to the lifetimes that go into making the one she is living now.  Although all that goes into even one lifetime seems enough to use the word Are. 

Veronica Hallissey has two poetry books and a blog,From An Upper Floor,  that she writes on faithfully. Click here to see Veronica’s blog and books.

Making The Back For My Scrap Quilt

You can see the fabric for the back of my quilt hanging on the line behind Zinnia who is behind the gate. That’s Lulu grazing.

I was determined to at least get the backing for my quilt sewn together today. Tomorrow we’re going to Bishop Maginn and I know I won’t have a lot of time, if any, to work on it.

I found the perfect piece of fabric for the back in a box of fabric that Sharon sent me.  It was about ten inches shy of being just the right size.  So I found another strip of fabric in my stash that spoke to both the front and back of the quilt and sewed it on the bottom.

Then I threw the whole piece in the wash and hung it on the line to dry.  It was a great day for drying, sunny, cool, and windy.

While it dried, I let the sheep and donkeys out to graze, fed the cats and dogs, and went for a walk with Fate and Zinnia.

When we got back the backing was dry and I was able to sew it and the batting together with the front of the quilt before dinner.

I hope to have the quilt done by Wednesday.

My quilt, ready to be tacked

Cleaning The Bathroom Window

So far, even if it is only my second week,  I’m keeping up with my goal of cleaning two windows each weekend.

Yesterday it was the Kitchen and Bathroom windows.  And while I was washing the bathroom window I saw my reflection in our original 1956 bathroom mirror.

It wasn’t until I got my iPhone to take a picture, that I saw the other reflections too. Once again, the inside was out and the outside in.

When the window was clean and wide open and the curtain in the wash, I saw a view from our bathroom that I had never seen before. Makes me wish we could go curtainless.

But the window is too big and the bathroom too small.

View from the bathroom window

Mailing Out “The Odd Duck”

I got to the Dollar Store at 9am and took the last four packs of manilla envelopes off the shelf.  They were just what I needed to mail out the twenty-three copies (two copies were donated to The Mansion) of The Odd Duck Finds Love, the book written and illustrated by some of the people who live at The Mansion.

“The gods are smiling on us,” I told Jon when I got back to the car.  First, they had the exact amount of envelopes I needed,  then with a discount,( for some reason I’m still not sure of), they only cost $1.69.

It was already a good morning.

When I got back to my office/guestroom there was the thick yellow paper that one of my Bellydanicing sisters had given away a couple of weeks ago.  I split it with Emily who said she could make a lot of beaks for her collage birds with it.

I folded the yellow paper around the little books, put in a Thank You postcard with a picture of Zinnia as a puppy on it, and slid them into the manilla envelopes.

The last thing I did was write “Please do not bend” on them.

The books sold out quickly, thanks to everyone who bought one and those of you who wanted to buy one.  The sale of half the books (The other 25 went to the people who wrote and illustrated the book and their families) was enough to cover the cost of making them.

“The Odd Duck Finds Love”. The Book is Sold Out Thank You!

Peg, me and Claudia.  Peg and Claudia both helped write the story and illustrate the book.

It’s been a long time coming, about two years, but I finally got the book that we’ve been working on at The Mansion done.  Jon and I picked it up at Staples yesterday and brought it to The Mansion today.

Julie, the former activities director at The Mansion, helped a few of the people who live there to write the story.  That was before Covid hit.  When the shutdown ended and I was back with my art class, Julie saw the chickens we were drawing and suggested we illustrate the story about the Duck they had written.

With many Covid interruptions, we finally got all the illustrations done a year later.

Then Sara Kelly, who helped me design many of my postcards and posters, designed the book so it could be printed.

Some of the people who helped create the book have moved on in one way or another. But everyone who is still at The Mansion will get a copy of the book for themselves and their family.

I had 50 copies made and sold 25 of them in my Etsy Shop for $10 each.  The proceeds will be donated to the Army Of Good and will be used to benefit the people who live at The Mansion.


My Scrap Quilt Almost Done

I finished designing my quilt today, but I still don’t have a name for it.  That will come, I’m sure, as they always do when I finish it up.

I was struck by the similarity between some of the triangle shapes in the quilt and the shelves in the woodshed.  I’m always intrigued when I see a color, shape or pattern show up in my art that I later notice comes from something that I see often enough for it to get into my subconscious.

I didn’t cut those triangle pieces of fabric, they were in the bag of scraps that Nancy sent me.  But I did choose to create that specific pattern with them.

I do have someone who is interested in this quilt.  But I like to finish a quilt before having someone commit to it. So they will have first choice.  If they decide it’s not right for them I’ll be putting it up for sale.

The shelves in the woodshed
Some of the “shelves” in my quilt


Nourishing Tears Potholders For Sale

Nourishing Tears I  For sale in my Etsy Shop. 

I took that break from working on my quilt and made the Nourishing Tears Potholders today.  I filled my pre-orders and made four more potholders to sell in my Etsy Shop.

I think these potholders speak for themselves.  I will say that they are all made on Vintage Hankies and each eye was inspired by the flowers that were on the hankies.

I drew each one with my free-motion sewing machine and you can read about the first Nourishing Tears thread drawing that inspired the potholders here. 

Each potholder is $25 + $5 shipping for one or more. You can buy them here.

Nourishing Tears Potholder II
Nourishing Tears Potholder III
Nourishing Tears Potholder IV


Scrap Quilt Continued….

I told myself I’d just sew the red stripe around my quilt then I’d make the Nourishing Tears Potholders that I have orders for.

But one thing led to another and I spent the morning trying to figure out what to do next.  After sewing on the gray print around the red, I worked on a pink piece that I thought would go along the bottom.

But when I got it done, it wasn’t right.

It was as if I was just trying to use up the rest of the fabric scraps.  What I sewed together detracted from what I had already done, it didn’t add to it.

I do have another idea about what I’ll do next.

I’m thinking of solid or mostly solid colors to go around what I’ve already done, in blues, blacks and purples.  So I’ll work on the potholders tomorrow giving the quilt and my new thoughts about it some space to breathe.

Then I get back to the quilt on Friday, perhaps with a completely different idea in mind, or none at all.

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