Yellow Mushrooms In The Snow

Yellow mushrooms

I didn’t a walk in the woods this morning, but seeing the yellow mushroom in this photo that  I took the other day is making me feel grounded and peaceful.  Almost like being there again.   It’s a calm place for my eyes to rest and my mind to retreat.

2 thoughts on “Yellow Mushrooms In The Snow

  1. This would make a beautiful photograph for you to put up for sale. The image evokes just what you said in the comments. I am drawn to your pictures and have been thinking (wondering) about why I enjoy the display of photographs now, just as much as I do “art”. Perhaps my age wants things to be in the clearest focus possible!

    1. I’ve never been much interested in photography till Jon started taking pictures. I only started taking pictures when I started blogging and to document and sell my work. It has become another form of expression for me. I never expected that.

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