The Last of the Wallpaper

We got the rest of the wallpaper off the walls in the bedroom today.  As it was getting dark, I filled in the nail holes and cracks in the walls.  I’ll use caulk to fill in the gaps around the windows where the cold air is coming in.

When I moved the bed, one of the bed rails broke off from the head-board.  I think the it must have been damaged when we moved, I can’t believe I was strong enough to break the bed just by moving it.

So Jon called Ray, who will come tomorrow  to see if he can fix it.   For tonight there’s a pile of books and a bungee cord holding up that side of the bed.

Now I’m going to have a glass of wine and read  my book, (The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe, a novel based around the Salem Witch Trials) while Jon makes pizza for dinner (bless him).

We found some more Cowboy wallpaper.


6 thoughts on “The Last of the Wallpaper

  1. Good luck with all of your hard work on your room. I’m sure you’ll enjoy when you are finished I must look for that book. I do a lot of family history (which involves mysteries and detective work, and I’ve always been a curious person who enjoyed reading mysteries, so it’s a good hobby for me). I was dismayed recently when I discovered that one of my distant ancestor’s sister was one of the accusers at the Salem Witch trials, apparently put up to it by her stepfather, from what I’ve read. But still–how awful. I would much rather have the ancestor be one of those accused of being a witch, rather than one of the accusers. You always find a few discomfiting things when you do family history, though, I’ve learned.

    1. Wow Melissa. That’s pretty wild. Of course we all want to be on what we perceive as the “Right” side of such a thing, but back, then it was so different. Who what made them think the way they did, what their experiences were. Hopefully we can learn from, it, but I often wonder how much I’d be willing to stand up for against the masses.

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