Me, Watching Over Me


Self Portrait, Me, Watching Over Me

Of the first ten photos I took with my Lomo’Instant Camera this one was the only real mistake.

I accidentally clicked a picture while I was walking from one room to another.  I was sure I had gotten a picture of the living room ceiling, but when it developed I saw the self portrait and found the angle and how my face was positioned in the dark ground really interesting.

But then, I took it a step further, again not something I planned on doing.

When I tried to take a picture of the Instant photo with my iPhone, I kept getting my reflection in the dark back ground.  So instead of trying to avoid my reflection, I decided to make it a part of the picture.

I can’t really call this an Instant photo, because I used two different cameras to take it.  First my Lomo’Instant Camera then, my iPhone camera.

I had another photo similar to this one where my reflection had a more menacing feeling.  But I like the feeling of this one better.  It is as if I’m watching over myself.

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