Painting The Bedroom

I took this picture last night after finishing painting the bedroom.  I didn’t intend to finish painting it all, but I can get obsessive.  And it didn’t take long, only about an hour.

When I started painting, I pushed the dresser, where I keep my clothes and the open shelf where Jon’s clothes are, together, facing each other, in the center of the room.  The  Victorian mirror, on my dresser,  is discolored with age.

I think it gives the photo the feeling of looking back in time.  Or maybe just into another time.

Before leaving my studio tonight I made curtains for the windows in the bedroom, by simply cutting a scarf in half and sewing a hem on the cut edge.   The top piece of the curtain is  a scarf my friend Athena gave me.  The bottom is a scarf that Linda sent in a box of fabric.

There are still pictures to hang on the wall.  And Ray is coming tomorrow to fix the broken headboard on the bed.  But every day, I’m getting closer to making the bedroom into the loving and cozy room I envisioned.

2 thoughts on “Painting The Bedroom

  1. Bud looks so sad in the last photo, while Fate is chewing his bone…but tou’re Right, you/we have no idea what the arrangement is.
    Thank you for sharing your animals and their stories.

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