Shekinah, The Divine Feminine

Stitching the leaves on my new fabric painting

Yesterday I couldn’t make anything work on my fabric painting. This morning it all fell into place easily.

First I stitched designs on the leaves around the pubic triangle at the center of the painting.  The I filled them in with permanent marker…

Next it as time to figure out the heart flowers on the ends of the vines.  I knew just what to do. I would make one of the original quilt flowers into a smaller heart flower.

Says ago I had removed one of the original appliquéd flowers from the quilt to make room for the triangle.   Now I cut it in half and with my seam ripper, removed the outer red fabric.

I rounded the top edges on the outer  peach colored fabric then pinned it inside the lines of the heart flower….

I folded the red center on itself creating a vulva-like shape at the center of the flower and basted it down. Then I stitched around the outer edge using my sewing machine.

This is what it looked like when it was done.

I now know this fabric painting is about Shekinah, the divine feminine in the Kabbalah.

Shekinah was a great environmentalist.  She would send cherubs to “smite” anyone who polluted Mother Earth.  She also berated God for not taking responsibility for humans, his flawed creation.

This is what my fabric painting looks like so far.  I do have an idea for what I’ll do next, but I don’t know what it will look like yet.



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