“What Are You Wondering?”, Tiny Stones and The Waxing Moon

What Are You Wondering?

Slowly, everyday,  this small fabric painting is making itself known to me.

Today I sewed tiny pieces of stone beads on either side of the stream of tears.  I clearly saw that they were supposed to be there early this morning.

Then I sat on my chair in the corner of my studio and looked at the fabric painting till the simplicity of the shape at the center of it made me think of  Tantric art.

Tantric art is a very simple and  beautiful painting that was meant to be used to meditate on.   So I got my book Tantra Song off my shelf and began leafing though it.

I had stitched the eye, sun rays and stream of tears on a piece of of- white linen.  Then I covered the linen, surrounding the image, with  indigo fabric.

For some reason, looking at the images in Tantra Song gave me the idea that I could cut shapes in  the indigo fabric to reveal the off-white linen beneath it.

When I looked up from my book to the fabric painting, I saw the moon in the upper right hand corner.

So I stitched a circle then cut out the indigo fabric and sewed on a piece of black cotton fabric to create a waxing crescent moon.

I left it there for the night, knowing I will use this technique again, but not wanting to rust it, wanting to give the idea some space.

4 thoughts on ““What Are You Wondering?”, Tiny Stones and The Waxing Moon

  1. Maria, your cutting away the indigo to reveal the white layer beneath reminds me of Mexican Molas. Multiple layers of fabric, usually black, orange, red and laid on top of each other and the design is cut away in a reverse applique. At one time I thought I might try it, but never did.

    Check out “Molas. Patterns, Techniques, Projects, for Colorful Applique” by Kate Mathews.

    Can’t wait to see what your latest piece turns out as.

    1. Oh your right Harriet. I know Molas well. Someone gave me a bunch of them and I’ve used them in a few of my quilts. I bet it was somewhere in the back of my mind. Thanks for recognizing it and bringing it up.

    1. Thanks Eileen. I use a small bead at the top of the stone. I pull the thread thought the single hole in the stone, then in the smaller bead then the tread goes around the bead and back in the hole of the stone. So the bead hold it on.

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