Thinking of Spring

I do this at the end of  every February.

I start seeing signs of spring.  Longer days, eggs in the chicken coop, seeds in the hardware store.  And they really are all signs of spring, but that doesn’t mean winter is over.

Still, I’m always surprised when March comes and there’s still snow on the ground and it’s still cold out.  By the time April rolls around, I’m convinced that spring will never come.

But then, of course, it always does.

I woke up again this morning, deceived by the sunlight coming in the window.  All that yellow, so early, it must be warm out.  But then I get out of bed and the room is cold.  I know better.  I know it’s not really going to be warm when I get out of bed, but I want it so bad.  

So today I decided to make my own spring.

I conjured up all these drawings as I lay in our warm bed, thinking about spring.

Later, in my studio, I drew a couple of versions of each of them.  I’ll make them into potholders and sell them in my Etsy Shop next week.

12 thoughts on “Thinking of Spring

  1. I can’t wait to start complaining about how hot it is. It will be a pleasant change from complaining about how cold it is.

    1. I’m right there with you Jill. at the beginning of every winter I tell myself I’m not going to complain about the cold, but then…….

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your artwork. It’s stunning to see what you have drawn/”painted” with thread. I remember a video posted a year or so ago of you working with the sewing machine to create the scenes on your potholders. It was magical.
    thanks for sharing with us all.

  3. Sweet. The songbirds are up from Mexico. Spring has arrived in AZ. Soon they will be up to visit you. I haven’t heard the geese, a true sign of Spring. Will keep you posted. Hang on!

  4. I love these potholders! Your artistic stitching is amazing. I told Jon if he wants one, he’ll have to beat me to it! 😉
    It certainly is a great sign for you how fast these fly out of your Etsy page.

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