Talking To Fate

I had a dream last night that Fate was talking to me.  I don’t remember what she said, but at one point she turned into a black dog, and she reminded me our dog  Lenore, who died a few years ago.

Ever since I learned how to communicate to Fate to come with me out of the barnyard after feeding the animals, I feel  closer to her.  I’m beginning to think that I may be able to communicate better  about many things with her.  And not just about how to get her to do what I want her to do.

When ever I do yoga in my studio Fate comes over to me and does the yoga position called Downward Dog, then Upward Dog right next to me.  Then, if I let her, she’ll work her way in between my arms and legs, as I move on to other positions.

I think about how people who don’t speak the same language mimic each other to try to communicate.  So maybe when Fate does a Downward Dog next to me,  she mimicking me to try to communicate with me.

But what is she saying?

In the least, I think it’s that we have this thing that we do, in common.  We both stretch our bodies because it feels good to us.  It’s something we share.  Something that connects us and makes us, for a moment, more alike than not.

8 thoughts on “Talking To Fate

  1. Fate is an excellent dog. And she is clearly YOUR dog.
    The Used Dog has become an excellent dog. And she is absolutely my dog.
    This past weekend I discovered what her job is: to protect and serve. And obey. We were at my brother-in-law’s funeral on LI last week, and the dog protected me from every person who came near the car. When I got out of the car, the dog erupted out the door and headed for the funeral director.
    Uh oh.
    I yelled, “Marley! Down!” And he dropped like a box of rocks.
    Good dog.

  2. That is so cool… I just started doing yoga a year ago… what a difference a year can make.. I stil tip over a time or two each day but in much different poses…. I just love it when our dog, Josey, does his downward dog….. what a hoot…. Rebecca

    1. Yoga has just become a part of my life Rebecca, as it sounds it has become a part of yours. I’ve been doing it for years and I still tip over sometimes too!

  3. This is the coolest thing ever! And she’s already got Shavasana down pat! You and she are needing each other right now. She is anticipating sadness also. Dogs just know.

  4. I think she’s saying , “I love you. ” I guess she could also be saying, “what ARE you doing ?” I’ve not met Fate and my pidgen Dog is spotty at best but that would be my guess. Sorry, the end of this winter is making me looney.

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