Moth and Flower Potholders And Some Meditation Trees For Sale

Rainbow Moth Potholder

I have just a few Moth and Flower Potholders for sale and some more of my small Meditation Trees too.

They are all in my Etsy Shop.  You can see and buy them here.

Meditation Tree XXXI

My Meditation Trees are about 7″x11″.  They all individually stitch on tea stained fabric.  They are $40 + $5 shipping.   And each one comes with 3M sticky hangers.

I’ll keep making them until everyone who wants one has one.  And since many people are buying them as gifts, I think they are a good constant in my Etsy Shop.

Flower with Sky Potholder

My Potholders are $25 each + $5 shipping.  I have two Moth Potholders and two Flower Potholders.  They work well together, I can see one of each making a good pair.

You can buy them all and more in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here. 

Orange Moth Potholder

Zip’s Hay Castle In The Barn

Zip in the barn

It’s true that I’ve been dismantling Zip’s hay castle all winter long.   Last week I took the hay bale that made a cozy cave for Zip to sleep in (complete with cushion).

But now that the temperatures are warmer his three sided lean-to serves another purpose.  Cozy in his corner Zip can look out over his kingdom from high up.

Depending on when the grass is good for grazing, Zip’s castle will continue to  diminish.  But I have no doubt he will find a summer place to roost.

And in just a few months we’ll be building him another hay castle, when we get our hay delivery for next winter.

Notes From The Barnyard


Suddenly the grass is green
red buds tip the maples,
the pussy willows
low, soft, yellow clouds above the marsh.

The voice of each bird melts into a single song

A strong, warm, spring wind washes away the winter
Clouds mix it up in the sky

The plotting rain,
first life before man’s God,
when the Earth was in her earliest season

I foolishly think it’s safe to put the snow shovels away.

Last Night I Dreamed…

Lori, Kim and Issachar

Last night I dreamed that I was in an empty office building.  I walked into a big empty room with a desk in it. On the ceiling was a grate.  I had a skein of my wool in my hand and I threw it up at the grate.

The yarn hung down in conical shapes creating a flowering sculpture.

The empty room turned into an art museum.

Then I looped two strands of  my wool under my feet and it lifted me off the ground.  I started to walk around in the air as if I were flying.

I kept remarking at how strong my wool was.

I woke from my dream feeling light and confident.   The dream seemed an affirmation of my art and the wool my sheep grow.

Yesterday at the end of Bellydancing Class my teacher and friend Julz did reiki on me.  All during class she  felt and saw the infection on the right side of my face.

We sat on the floor while Kathleen and Trish dance together.  Julz sat behind me and held her hands on either side of my face.  I felt her touch even though she never touched me.  I close my eyes and left myself for the minutes it took.

Reiki is healing with energy.  I believe will help clear my infection and that it spawned my dream.

I Saw Two Earthworms Mating

The hens would have made a feast of the mating earthworms

I was picking up dog poop so my eyes were focused on the ground.  What I saw looked like an intestine or other organ left behind by a cat after killing and eating a small rodent.

I bent down to get a closer look.

What I was seeing was actually two very thick earthworms about eight inches long.  Two inches of them seemed glued together by a bubbly white foam where they overlapped.   And just as quickly as I realized what they were, they broke apart, each worm disappearing in their own hole in the earth.

I didn’t know what I had witnessed but had a good idea it may have been two earthworms mating.  I easily confirmed just that when I found a photo on  Science Learning Hub.

Then I ran right upstairs to tell Jon who was just getting out of bed.  He was a little flustered.  It’s not what he expected.

The thrill for me was partly how unexpected it was to see two earth worms mating, but also that I happened to look down at the 8 inch patch of ground at the moment this little miracle was happening.

What I thought was something from the end of life turned out to be just the opposite.  I was watching the beginning of new life.

An inspiring way to start the day.

Zip And The Dogs


Fate and Zip

Fate slowly stalked Zip from the barn to the chair under the apple tree.  The whole time Zip ignored her.  They seem to take turns ignoring each other.

Their relationship is the opposite of Zips and Zinnia’s,  who are always playfully chasing each other and touching noses.

Zinnia and Zip

Zip and Bud have only met with a fence or door between them.  Bud watches Zip, the same way Zip  hunts mice and chipmunks.    I’ve seen Zip both taunt and ignore Bud.

But when Bud dug under the fence and ran through the yard, Zip disappeared into one of his many hiding places.

Zip And Bud

The Bee On Issachar’s Back

The bee on Issachar’s back

Where I wonder did that bee get all that pollen stuck to its legs this time of year.

But then I sneeze and rub my eye.  Allergies I’ve been saying for the past week as I pour hot water over last years dried Nettle leaves from the barnyard, into my teacup.

Still, that’s a lot of pollen that bee on Issachar’s back is carrying around.  I bet a beekeeper would know all about it.

The Eclipse At Bedlam Farm


eclipse sheep

I put hay in the feeders and sat on a rock to listen and watch.  It was a half hour before the apex of the eclipse.  It was only a partial eclipse on the farm, but I was still interested to see how the animals would react to it.

I wished Jon could have been there with me, but he had a doctors appointment right in the middle of it all.

As the light started to dim I got curious and wished I had gotten glasses to look at the sun.  Moments before the sun was brighter than it had been in months, now the world around me looked drab in comparison.  Soon I felt as if I were looking through amber colored glasses.  Everything had an unnatural tint to it.

Our shadows grew sharp edged and dark.  And I felt a chill for the first time all day.

Eclipse Fate

The peepers got louder, the birds were quiet.  There were even fewer cars on the road.  Two gunshots  like celebratory fireworks, echoed from a neighbors house.

I looked for the crescent shadows, in the shadows of the trees and barn, but didn’t see any.

Eclipse Donkeys

But the donkeys and sheep kept eating their hay.  The hens rested under the lilac bush,  Zinnia gobbled up manure, and Fate ran circles around us all.

Eclipse Zinnia

It was Zip who behaved unusual by not coming out to be with us.  I found him in the barn, napping in his bed.

Eclipse Zip
Full Moon Fiber Art