Fate, Bud And The Rawhide Bone

Bud leaves his rawhide bone

I don’t usually have both Fate and Bud in my studio with me when I’m working.  But today was Jon’s Radio Show, Talking To Animals.  Jon takes Red with him to the Radio Station and I take Bud into my studio while he’s gone.

Today, I gave each dog a raw hide bone to keep them busy while I was working.

Bud got right to work, chewing on his bone, but Fate walked around my studio looking for a place to  hide hers.  She finally found a good place in a pile of fabric on the floor.

Then she stalked Bud to try to get his bone.

Bud chewed and chewed for a long time, while Fate stared at him from behind the quilt called Winter, that I was tacking.

This is a familiar story by now.

At some point, for some reason, Bud walks away from his bone.  Either Fate has finally convinced him to give it to her, or he just gets tired of chewing on it.


Then Fate, slowly moves in and snatches the bone.

I’m not sure what Bud’s thinking after Fate takes his bone.  But he often sits near by while she finishes it off.  If Bud gets too close, Fate give a little growl, or shows some teeth.   Bud doesn’t push it.

The first few times I saw them do this, I gave Bud the bone Fate hid.  But he never showed any interest in it.  So I’ve learned to let them be.

They seem to know what it’s all about, even if I don’t.

Snowshoeing With Fate

At first Fate walked behind me in the footprints of my snowshoes, but then she took off on her own, hopping through the snow.  We went to the waterfall where I could hear it,  but not see it.  It was completely buried in snow.  Then we visited the big old Shag Bark Hickory on the edge of the property line.

That’s where I got this picture of Fate, snow on her nose and all.

Frosty Donkeys


I’ve never seen the donkeys with as much frost on their faces as this morning.

It was 20 below when I went out to feed the animals.  But the sun is out and the sky is a bright blue. It’s already warming up some.  Yesterday I dug some more paths in the snow so the animals can walk around a bit and  even stand in the sun if they choose to.

Even though I don’t work outside, the weather still affects my work.

I decided it’s a good day to work on getting all  the Bedlam Farm Wool, I sold on Sunday,  in the mail.  Heating up my studio would take a while in this kind of cold.  It’s supposed to be in the 40’s tomorrow, which will feel like a heat wave.   So my plan is to work in the house today and tomorrow I’ll put down the winter rug down in my studio (which cuts the drafts coming in from the uninsulated floor)  and finish Ellen’s quilt.


Bedlam Farm Wool, Sold Out

Suzy and the gang

Suzy,the rest of the Bedlam Farm sheep and I, would like to thank you all for buying  their wool.

All the Bedlam Farm Wool I put for sale in my Etsy Shop sold out in just one day.

In the spring the sheep will be shorn again, and I’ll be selling more wool in the fall when it comes back from the mill.   My plan for the next batch is to keep some natural and dye the rest.

I will also have more wool since I didn’t shear four of them this past fall.  So there will be plenty of Bedlam Farm wool for everyone.

Bedlam Farm Wool For Sale

My Latest Batch of wool for sale in my Etsy Shop

I just put my latest batch of wool up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  

I don’t have a lot this time, less than 40 skeins in all.  Because I had the sheep shorn so late in the season last spring, I only sheared 6 of my sheep in the fall.  Their wool just wasn’t long enough.

The Red and Purple are dyed over the natural grays of Suzy, Izzy and Pumpkin.   It’s a mix of Border Leicester, Romney and a touch of Cheviot.

The Blue and Green are dyed from the white wool of Rosemary, Kim and Liam.  (The same Liam that Bed fended off this morning.  You can read about that here).

Each skein of wool is 200 yard and they are all 3 ply worsted.  They’re $25 each + shipping.  You can see and buy them all in my Etsy Shop.

Just click on the Shop Etsy Button below.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

Jon’s photo of Bud confronting Liam this morning.

Sunday Snow Storm

Jon and I got up early to shovel the snow that has been falling since last night.  It’s still snowing, so in between painting the bedroom we’ll be going out during the day to keep up on the shoveling.

But first, I’m also going to put my wool for up for sale in my Etsy Shop….

Our Trip The The Vermont Fiber Mill

At the Wooden Solider diner in Fair Haven VT

Jon and I had the most delicious egg sandwiches at the Wooden Solider Diner in Fair Haven on our way to get my wool in Brandon, VT this morning.  It’s one of those diners that never got updated, not in the past 40 or so years anyway.

At the Vermont Fiber Mill

I picked up about forty skeins of wool from the Vermont Fiber Mill.   They’re Green, Blue, Red and Purple and work beautifully together.  Red was so comfortable on the alpaca rug he didn’t want to get up to leave.

A few of Deb’s curious Alpaca’s at the Vermont Fiber Mill

The alpaca’s came out to greet us as we were leaving.  Deb and her husband raise them, and sell their wool as products or yarn.

I’ll be putting up my wool up for sale in my Etsy Shop sometime over the weekend.


Bringing Home The Wool

Pumpkin is a handsome wether (castrated male sheep) with the softest whisper of a “baa”.

We’re getting ahead of the snow storms predicted for the weekend and picking up my wool in Brandon Vermont this morning.  I think we’ll stop on the way at the Wooden Soldier Diner in Fair Haven Vermont for breakfast.

As always, I’m excited to see my wool, especially since I don’t even remember what colors I had it dyed this time.  I’ll post some pictures on facebook and instagram as soon as I can, and more on my blog when I get home.

Bud Comes Out Of The Doghouse To Play

Fate stuck her head in the doghouse and barked playfully.

A moment later Bud stuck his head out of the doghouse and watched as Fate tossed around the  toy that belonged to my dog Frieda.

You can see Bud pick up the toy and tease Fate with it in the video.

We’ve had the seemingly indestructible  toy for almost 15 years.  When I first got Frieda, from the SPCA, she wouldn’t play at all. I had another dog at the time, and lots of dog toys, but she wasn’t interested in any of them.

Then I got Frieda this heavy-duty, squeaky toy, and she started tossing it around and playing with it.

I know now it was less play and more hunting,(I saw Frieda do the same thing to a skunk and woodchuck, years later)  but Frieda looked like she was having fun for the first time since I got her.

Frieda’s toy doesn’t squeak anymore, but all the dogs we’ve had since Frieda died, (except Red, who is to dignified to play)seem to love playing with it.

Full Moon Fiber Art