The Hens Winter Home

A dusting of snow left a circle of bare ground under the birdfeeder.  The hens nibble on the seeds that fall there.  When the snow is deeper they stay in the coop or go to the barn.  There they scratch at the dirt floor, looking for insects and making nests even though they’re not laying eggs.

They don’t wander into the pasture or hang out on the porch this time of year.  They stay close to the coop.  Their winter home shrunken by the cold and snow.

Zinnia And The Hens

Zinnia loves a good chase.  She’ll leave the hens alone, as long as they’re not running.  But when they run, she chases after them.  She doesn’t hurt them, she seems more interested in the movement than anything else.

Today the hens were hanging out on top of the hay bales in the barn.  Zinnia was checking them out, but they only calmly paced back and forth and she quickly lost interest.

The Three Lambs Sharing Grain

Clockwise…Scotty, Merricat and Constance sharing grain

This morning Constance was the first one to come running into the barn, baaing the whole time, to get her grain.  Merricat was close behind, but it took Scotty a little longer.  He was a little more reluctant to leave the hay already in the feeder.

They share well, each getting their fill of grain without trying to push each other away.  When it’s gone they run out of the barn joining the older sheep leisurely eating their hay.

The Stars Were Out This Morning

I held the backdoor open for Zinnia who ran out into the early morning.   I used to wake up at night when she was a puppy and let her out, and she hasn’t forgotten.  Now when I wake up to go to the bathroom, she always comes with me.

For the first time in weeks, the sky was clear and I could see the stars.  I looked up as Zinnia ran past me out the door and in that moment a shooting star slowly arched its way through the speckled darkness.  I smiled, taking it as a good omen, then scanning the sky found the big dipper.

There’s something about seeing a familiar star pattern in the sky that is comforting. Especially at times like these when there is so much turmoil around us.

When the sun shone through the bedroom window this morning, I was delighted.  A low mist hovered above the ground, but like the stars, we haven’t had sunshine in weeks.

The donkeys took up their positions, broadside to the south, absorbing the warmth in their hair like solar panels.   I even chased Minnie and Flo out of the basement so they could bask in it for a while.

By the afternoon the sky clouded up again, a white cast over everything.

But I’m still remembering that the stars, including our sun, made an appearance this morning.  That’ll hold me for a while.

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