Bud In My Studio


Fate and Bud were kind enough to pose in front of my Spring quilt as I was tacking it.

Bud is beginning to figure out how to spend time in my studio.

He usually wants to play with Fate, so I either kick them both out into the yard or put Bud in the crate when that happens.

The past couple of days it’s been warm enough for them to both stay outside chasing each other around or sleeping in the sun.  But Bud  seems to be getting the idea that he has to be calm in my studio.

Today, while I was tacking my Spring quilt, he slept by the door in the sun.

I don’t really need two dogs in my small studio, but when Jon and Red aren’t home, I’d rather not leave Bud alone in the house.  And as long as he can live by my studio rules (being calm and posing with the art) it’s nice to have him there.

Glamour Hen

The white hen comes right up to me and looks into my camera. Either she likes to have her picture taken or she’s looking for food (I imagine it’s the latter).

The brown hen is too shy for me to get a picture close up of her.  It’s too bad for me because she has beautiful feathers.  Maybe it will just take giving her more worms.


New Spring Potholders For Sale In My Etsy Shop

A few Spring Potholder for sale in my Etsy Shop.

This is my fourth batch of Spring Potholders.  I made five of them, but sold one before it was done.

My Spring Potholders keep evolving.  I loved making all the swirling, curling vines and flowers. I stitched these on a cut up vintage cotton tablecloth.  The potholder on the top right even has some the embroidery from the tablecloth in it.

My Spring Potholders are $25 each.  Shipping is $5 no matter how many you buy.  You can buy them in my Etsy Shop, fullmoonfiberart.  Just click here or on the Shop Etsy button below.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

My Dragonfly Potholder For Sale

My Dragonfly Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Dragonflies are a symbol of change, of bringing light to a situation to help gain perspective.

Emily, an artist and baker, I bellydance with, gave me this dragonfly fabric.  Somehow, with all the potholders I’ve made, it’s the first time I really took advantage of the diamond-shaped design that is natural to potholder hung from their corners.

Once I started making them, I couldn’t stop.

Every once in a while, a dragonfly will come into my studio when I have my door open in the summer.  I always take it as a sign that it’s time to do something different with my art.  Even if it doesn’t happen that day, I know a change will come soon.

My Dragonfly Potholders are $17 each.  Shipping is $5 no matter how many you buy.  You can see them all close up and buy them in my Etsy Shop, fullmoonfiberart.  Just click here to get there or on the Shop Etsy button below.

You can always get to my Etsy Shop by clicking on the Etsy buttons on the menu at the top or bottom of my blog.  Even if temporarily run out of potholders I always have some of my art for sale in my Etsy Shop, and some of Jon’s photographs.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

A close up of one of my Dragonfly Potholders.

Getting To Know Our Canada Geese

So well camouflaged, I spotted our Canada Goose couple in the pasture this morning.  Last night I watched them as they circled the farm before landing for the night.

I know that in many places Canada Geese are seen as a nuisance.  But even when I lived on Long Island, where they crowded golf courses and nested on the sides of parkways, I loved to hear them as they flew overhead, a sound of the wild in that man-made world.

In High School, I used to lunch with them.

The school bordered a park and I would take my lunch  to one of the park benches, preferring to be alone outside, to eating in the cafeteria.  I’d throw them pieces of my cheese sandwich and they learned to come when they saw me.

We get lots of geese flying over the farm.  There’s a lake to the north of us and marsh and a cornfield they spend the night in to the south.   But this couple is the only one that nests on the farm.

Canada Geese are so ubiquitous, I never though about them much, other than enjoying seeing and hearing them.  But having this couple nesting on the farm makes me want to learn more about them.


March Snow

I didn’t know when I took this picture of the donkeys and sheep in the pole barn that there was a drop of snow on the lens of my camera. But I actually love what it did to the photograph.  The “smudge” disrupts the photo making it somehow mysterious, as does how the photo goes in and out of focus.

Full Moon Fiber Art