The drawing I did this morning at the Ophthalmologist, waiting for Jon to have his eye tested.  Thankfully his eye is better not worse and he didn’t need more surgery today.

I am suddenly so tired,  I can hardly think enough to write.  I had great plans for tonight, blogging, answering my email and packing up my Thinking of Spring Potholders that I sold yesterday in my Etsy Shop.

But now all I can think of is sleep.  So I’ll post a few pictures from my day and leave it at that.

I didn’t get into my studio till late this afternoon, but I did finish designing my new quilt that I’m calling “Spring”


Fate, exhausted from a walk and chasing the sheep,  slept while I worked.


Jon cooked dinner, Spatzle and kale for him and Salmon and squash for me. I got this picture of  his reflection at the stove in the  old  carousel mirror hanging in the kitchen.

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