Spring Is Coming

This time of year, on warm days like today, I just want to be outside.

I find extra chores to do so I’m outside longer.  And I couldn’t resist going to the little waterfall in the woods behind the farm.  Yesterday it was still covered in ice and snow,  the soft rush of water muffled beneath it.

This afternoon it’s gushing like a burst of life.

It reminds me of the first time I heard our donkey Simon bray.

When we got him he had been starved and neglected with only patches of hair on his emaciated body.  I don’t remember how long it was after we took him back to Old Bedlam Farm, a few weeks maybe a month, but one day I walked out into the barnyard  and Simon stood up, looked at me, and brayed.

“I’m alive” he seemed to be singing to me, with all the joy of someone who had forgotten  it was possible.

Simon continued braying every morning after that. . Photo by Jon Katz

8 thoughts on “Spring Is Coming

  1. I was thinking about Simon the other day out of nowhere. To see a picture of him is a treat on a day when I needed one. Thank you, and god bless donkeys. And Simon, who went to hell and came back to dance on his would be grave.

  2. Their bray makes me think of the call to mecca for some reason. Just that deep, deep calling of the soul. One feels it pulling up out of the earth almost.

    It is very moving, one could laugh or cry listening to it.

  3. When my sister introduced me to Bedlam Farm almost 10 years ago, Simon was a huge part of why I kept up with Bedlam Farm. Simon was such a fighter and with your care, love and hard work he survived and had a beautiful life for a few happy years against insurmountable odds. I loved his unique, undeniable “I’m alive” bray! A very special donkey indeed! A very good and valuable lesson for us mere mortals when we are feeling abused and/or ignored. Keep fighting! It’s your life to live as happily as you are able! If it’s not working, take the giant leap and change it for the better.

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