Sewing My Goddess

I started sewing my goddess together today.

I begin by stitching her eyes nose and mouth, using my sewing machine ….

Then I hand sewed the doilies and the mirror triangle between her eyes.

The original design of the quilt  dictated the shape of my goddess.

I just had to make a few adjustments to outline the insides of her arms, her body and her neck.  I still have to figure out much of the lower half of her, but I have a good idea of what I’m doing from her waist up.

The original quilt has  large gray diamond shapes on it.     I used these to fill in the spaces between her arms and body.  Also to define her neck.

I cut and pulled the old hand quilting to remove the fabric from the batting and backing then stitched it back where I wanted it.  As I was doing this I was thinking of the woman who did the quilting.  The thread was thick and more substantial than the fabric, which is thin with wear.

Carefully taking the fabric from one place on the quilt and hand sewing it to another made me think it was like a skin graft.

It makes me feel like a combination of a dressmaker and Dr. Frankenstein.

Here I’m sewing the old fabric, that I removed from the batting and backing,  back onto the quilt. Even after ironing, the old fabric still has the memory lines from the original quilting.

I pinned down the bodice, but didn’t get to sew any of it down. I’ll probably  be hand stitching the rest of the piece.

I aways think about what kind of stitching feels right.  I can just tell when something needs to be machine or hand stitched. I think I’m going to use a metallic thread on the bodice.

I couldn’t work on her yesterday.  I think I was creatively spent from figuring her out the day before.   So I  got my potholders finished  and up in my Etsy Shop, then cleaned up my studio, including organizing two boxes of doilies into one.

Going through the doilies, I was already seeing pieces I could use for the next goddess.

4 thoughts on “Sewing My Goddess

  1. Such a lovely face. I just love this one, Maria.

    Why do I get the box “Duplicate content detected”? This happens to me so much, and it is frustrating. Of course, now that I’m asking this question, it will probably go through! Do others ever mention this?

    1. Susie, I monitor my comments. So they don’t get posted until I approve them. That’s why you don’t see your comment go up right away. So if you don’t see your comment then try to repost it, the “duplicate” comes up.

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