No Bedlam Farm Open House This Year

Still life from my studio

Jon and I have decided that we won’t be having a Bedlam Farm Open House this year.

I keep trying to imagine it and every time I try to think about it, I just can’t see it.  My mind won’t go there.  I’m not feeling it either.  I don’t have the enthusiasm for it that I’ve had in the past.

We’ve been having our Open Houses for at least seven years in a row.  And some of those years we had two.

So we’re taking a year off.

I’ve already contacted the artists.  I know that they’re all continuing to make their art, so you can always see their work on their websites and in their Etsy Shops.  I’ll leave  information on how to contact them all on the Events page of my blog.

So thanks to all of you for coming to our Open Houses over the years and making it such a success.


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