Figuring Out A “Sign-in” For Our Podcast

We were at out new favorite diner “Jeans” squirting maple syrup on our pancakes, (wheat for Jon and blueberry for me) when Jon mentioned visiting the house where  Paul Harvey used to broadcast his radio show from in Oak Park, Illinois.

That’s how we got to talking about having an opening for our new  podcast, Katz n Wulf On Bedlam Farm.

We continued the conversation on the way home in the car, tossing ideas around until we started getting close to what we wanted to say.

“Lets try recording it on a podcast when we get home”, Jon said.

So we did.

The podcast cut out unexpectedly after about 8 minutes. But we were almost done anyway.  We pretty much got down what we want to say, to open the show.  We also decided we definitely want to have Lulu braying in the beginning.

You can listen to the podcast of the  process of Jon and me coming up with the sign-in on Jon’s Blog by clicking here.

Once we get the podcast officially up, you’ll be able to access it more easily on my blog as well as Jon’s. We’re still working on the technical part of it.


4 thoughts on “Figuring Out A “Sign-in” For Our Podcast

  1. White Chicken seems to be getting more beautiful every day. She is positively regal. I love the feathery “pantaloons” on her legs/feet!

    Love the podcast!

    1. She is a beautiful hen. The brown one is too, but she won’t come as close to me so it’s hard to get a good picture of her. Her feathers have a beautiful pattern in them. Glad you like the podcast!

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