Sewing My Goddess Together, Bodice, Breasts and Shoulders

The torso of my latest fabric Painting

I spent the morning packing and shipping my Vintage Hankie Scarves.  I made and sold seven of them in the past two days.  I still have one available in my Etsy Shop.

After going to the Post Office and doing some banking, I got to my studio to work on my latest fabric painting. Last week I sewed most of the torso down but when I looked at it today, it wasn’t right.  It was too straight and narrow so I took it all out, reworked it and sewed it back down.

I got her breasts sewed on too.  I like how they are slightly different shapes and sizes.  I don’t know about other women’s breasts, but mine are not exactly alike and I somehow imagine I’m not alone in this.

I also sewed her doily collar on.

I tried many different doilies and even some crocheted collars that I have, but none worked as well as this one.  It helps define her shoulders and reminds me of one of those  16th century paintings of women wearing Elizabethan collars. I’m always fascinated by how they’re painted and so often the women wearing them have presence and attitude.

I still have more work to do on her arms, hands, and the lower part of her body.  But I think I’ll sew her head on tomorrow.  I still have to make some decisions about it, but I don’t like working on her without it.

This is what her torso looked like before I fixed it. Much too straight and narrow.


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