What Music Can Do, Emma Stevens Singing “Blackbird”

When I first heard Emma Stevens who is 16 years old, sing “Blackbird” in her native Mi’kmaq language, I felt like I was hearing the song for the first time.

It was so beautiful and moving, I thought, that this is the way it was really meant to be sung, when Paul McCartney wrote it over 50 years ago.

I feel like that’s what music and art can do, go back and forth in time and move from place to place, till it touches us all.

3 thoughts on “What Music Can Do, Emma Stevens Singing “Blackbird”

  1. Thank you for that – gave me chills at the end. What a wonderful talented pair…….this is one of my very favorite songs, especially by CSN&Y………….just in case you haven’t heard their version!

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