Thirty Second Soap Bubble Meditation

The soap bubble flew out of the dish soap bottle and landed on the African Violet leaf, on the kitchen windowsill.  I  put down the bottle, turned off the water than ran to get my iPhone and macro lens.

The first time I looked at a soap bubble through my macro lens, I was awed by all the color and movement, the constant turning of light on the small delicate sphere.

But even thought I thought I was holding the camera still, the image in the video shook too much.  By the time I realized I had to find a   place to rest my hand as I held the camera, the soap bubble burst. I tried to create more soap bubbles but couldn’t control where they landed, if they did land before bursting.

So this morning as I was washing the dishes and the soap bubble landed on the soft hairs of the African Violet leaf, I was ready.

I announced to Jon that I was taking a video, so he wouldn’t make any noise, then sat on top of the sink, to get close enough to the bubble and rested my hand, holding the iPhone, on my knee to steady the image.

It took me six or seven tries to get it right.  But then, the surprise.  I couldn’t have asked for a better ending when after thirty two seconds, the bubble burst.

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