BellyDancing At the Farmer Market, A Video

I’ll write more about Bellydancing at the Farmers Markets yesterday later.  But for now here’s a video that Jon took.  Some of you may have seen it already on Jon’s blog.

I was thrilled to dance with Kathleen McBrien, Kat Farnham, Callie Raspuzzi and Trish Gardner.  I was a wonderful experience for me and I’m needed some time to fully absorb it all before writing about it.

We were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day, in the low seventies, then,   just as we were finishing up the last dance it began to rain.

“Remember,” Kathleen, our teacher said before we began the performance, “Have fun, don’t get hurt and have fun.”

10 thoughts on “BellyDancing At the Farmer Market, A Video

  1. Maria, I’ve never loved you more than I do while watching this. My heart sings praise, admiration and excitement to you!

  2. Maria, you are amazing and and such an example and encouragement to all women. The confidence you showed, and how fun it looked. What a transformation you have made….thank you for sharing your path!!
    ps….you looked so beautiful !!!

  3. Maria, I hope you would ! Today was my first “sweet” lesson since coming to the Cape. Mellie is a different pony here. She has freedom and herd mates she never had before. Hence, she’s become a real horse and been more difficult for me to ride. Posting is easy. The stickler is the “sit trot”. She takes advantage of the Cape Cod me and speeds up, or many other pony antics! Today I got a little respect and almost have it down !! Fist pump from Doug my instructor! I struggle, and persevere and run through the same emotions in my head that you do. I felt just like you did after you danced. Happy and courageous! We’ll keep at it together and tell ourselves frequently, “I am enough.”

  4. Maria, the video is amazing. I could see your confidence growing as the dance progressed! I totally get what you mentioned in your blog about “who was that person”. Just another facet of a lovely human being. Thanks for sharing.

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