This Year’s Vegetable Garden

My Veggie garden

“How about a salad with dinner?” I ask Jon.  Then I go out to our vegetable garden and pick a few leaves from the five different kinds of lettuce I have growing there.  When I’m done,  I’ll walk over to the herb mound and pick some cilantro to top it off.

This is the first time I’ve grown lettuce and I’m loving it.

Sometimes I just go out to the garden and pick a few leaves, munching on them, like a rabbit, for a snack.  Some are  spicy and some a little bitter, another tastes a mellow green.

My one concern is that the squash and zucchini will over take them as they grow.  I’m not sure how I’ll deal with that yet.  Maybe I’ll try to direct them to grow on the low chicken wire fence I have surrounding the garden.

Whatever happens it will help me figure out what I do different next year.  For now, we’re eating a lot of salad.

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6 thoughts on “This Year’s Vegetable Garden

  1. I envy you having this garden. We live in a wooded area with too little sunlight to sustain a garden. Thankfully we have a wonderful farmer’s market nearby with lots of fresh produce. I love that you planted five different kinds of lettuce. My favorite salad is lettuce only with a little cheese and a little dressing. Enjoy your nutritious bounty!

    1. I never planted lettuce before because we have so much from the farmers around here, but even this is a different lettuce experience. And it’s true you need little dressing the leaves are so tasty!

  2. In our southern area, we are only able to grow lettuce in spring or fall. The hot temps make it bolt, become unappetizingly bitter, and go to seed. Your hot temps are not likely as sustained as ours (Georgia), but anyway, a bit of shade from squash may be welcome.

  3. Lettuce grows great in pots. Remember that lettuce doesn’t like hot weather and will bolt and taste really bitter. So enjoy it now and use the pots and plant in succession.

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