Hankie Dress

The tank top I cut for the top of the dress

I keep seeing these picture of dresses on Instagram and getting inspired by them to make something similar.

I went to a pretty low place today, but at one point, the idea of piecing together the dress that I’ve been thinking  about,  got me out of my head,  off the couch and into my studio.

I started with an old tank top that has some splatters of paint on it and cut it to a length thought would be right.  I guess I have a feel for what that length is, because it worked out.

Then I started sewing some vintage hankies together.

I couldn’t tell you how I did it, just put them together in a way that felt right. Then figured out the right length for the skirt and sewed them to the tank top.

I did use a basting stitch to gather the top of the hankies to make them fit the circumference of the bottom of the tank top.

It didn’t come out exactly as I imagined it, but I think it still works.  I probably just have to get used to it not being what I expected.

I just got back from a swim in the Battenkill when I took the picture of me wearing the dress.  Making the dress and going for a swim didn’t change my mood, but I did feel good while I was doing them.

Me in the dress

14 thoughts on “Hankie Dress

  1. The dress is fantastic! I love that you applied the same strategies that you use i n your quilts.

    You deserve a gold star for recognizing you were experiencing a mood you didn’t enjoy and choosing two healthy and fulfilling activities to help alleviate it. That’s some serious self-awareness and if you can’t tell, I’m impressed.

    1. I learned to sew clothes using a pattern when I was a teenager, but haven’t been interesting in sewing that way in a long time. But you’re right about using my quilting technique to make the dress, that is the way I like to sew. Yesterday was a struggle, but thank for your good words. I do appreciate your seeing that.

  2. I think you just “discovered” a new creative outlet – I bet people would snap up these “one of a kind” summer dresses!

    Kathleen : )

  3. That technique also works with an old sweatshirt and flannel for the skirt. I used to make dresses like that for my girls when they were little. Love the tank and hankies too.

    1. Even in this very hot weather, I can image that Melissa. And it feels so warm and snuggly. I hope I remember it when winter comes. You’re girls were lucky to have you sewing dresses for them!

  4. Dear Maria, Your dress is GREAT! And you sure look GREAT in it!! I think the tanktop w/ hankie skirt bottom is a fashion trend that will take off!! Can’t wait to hear your podcast of Fate as Therapy dog. Downloading it now.

  5. Maria, This little dress is adorable and wildly creative. And unless you’re buying very expensive clothing “story quality” doesn’t amount to much. I’m amazed at how poorly clothing is made these days. I’m sure your dress creation exceeds those standards by a good stretch. Great idea and you look so cute in it.

    1. You do have a point about “store quality”. I guess it’s more about my standards. I really like “wildly creative”. 🙂

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