Losing Red

Jon and Red going to the sheep

Red died this morning.  I don’t have the words yet to write about it yet, but you can read Jon’s beautiful writing about Red and how he died on Jon’s blog.

Jon and Red have been together almost as long as Jon and I have been together.  Bedlam Farm will be a different place without him.

8 thoughts on “Losing Red

  1. Maria, my sympathy to you and Jon at this sad time. I am so glad for Jon that he had Red. What dear friends they have been and such a love and respect they shared for one another! It was privilege to see the happiness that Red had when he worked with his sheep! What a beautiful home Red has had at Bedlam Farm! Do be gentle with yourselves during this time of loss and take good care of one another! With love, Jane and Tom McMillen

  2. Maria – my heart hurts for you all. We know this is a part of the cycle but it is never easy. I love the photos you have taken of Red and Jon. Blessings on you all. Red will be so missed.

  3. Dear Maria, Of all the amazing photos on your and Jon’s Blogs, the most moving, beautiful one of all is you digging Red’s grave. How strong is your HEART as well as your BODY to dig a 4 ft deep space in which to rest Beautiful, Faithful Red. My tears and joy join yours at the celebration of his amazing life and his passing into the next one.

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