My Sheep Liam

Liam, a Border Leicester/ Cheviot, is so big it makes me wonder how big he’d be if he were a ram instead of a whether.

He was the only lamb that had no trouble being born.  We came home one day and Suzy was standing by the pole barn a little white lamb next to her.

He was full of himself from the beginning and Suzy watched over him like an Italian mother dotes on her only son. Liam’s ribs were broken by our donkey Simon who didn’t know what to make of him.  For a few weeks, he walked around the farm with a bandage around his middle until he healed.  Which he did quickly.

Although his father, a cheviot, was a gentle ram, I always had the feeling that if we didn’t castrate Liam he would have turned aggressive.

Now Liam is almost as big as the donkeys.  He and his mother Suzy are still close, often sitting together. And he’s mostly gentle, even though he gave Red a hard time towards the end of Red’s life.

Without Red,  it’s hard to get Liam to move when he’s laying down.  He ignores Fate and is indifferent to Bud too.

Liam’s has a lot of wool and I usually mix it with the wool of the other white sheep. So it’s a mix of Border Leister, Cheviot, Karakul, and Romney.   The last few shearings, I dyed all the white wool a couple of different colors.

Liam with his mom, Suzy, when he was a baby

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  1. Dear Maria,
    What a beautiful cushion.
    I am writing to ask if you would be interested in receiving some bundles of 6″ cut cotton squares , mostly plain colors and mostly Browns and creams? They were given to me by a quilting friend who knew that she would never use them. I don’t quilt so they have been lying around with my left over pieces from dress making. Perhaps you would like these cotton remnants also?
    I was temped to just send them but you might be swamped in this kind of stuff as it is!

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