My Fifth Tiny Pricks “Age of Trump”

Age of Trump, my 5th Tiny Pricks

I see Tiny Pricks as a creative protest.

Each time I find the perfect linen to go with the right Trump quote and add it to the other Tiny Pricks made by women all over the country, I feel like my voice becomes a little louder.

I could send an email to the White House, but I know it will fall on deaf ears.  It’s so much more satisfying and empowering to create a small protest on an old hankie that will not only last longer and reach more people, but documents a moment in our history.

This is my fifth Tiny Pricks. I believe in the power of art and in the power of words.

When I see the pictures on Instagram of over 1000 Tiny Pricks hanging together, I think of what a single pinprick feels like, compared to how a thousand must feel.



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2 thoughts on “My Fifth Tiny Pricks “Age of Trump”

  1. “Thoughts are instantaneous” Rather than sending e-mails these Tiny Pricks seem like tiny VooDoo’s being sent instantaneously and oh, so satisfying. Just an innocent ladies sewing circle! Thanks for that. Linda

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