Shut Up And Dance

My new Bellydancing skirt

In a little while, I’ll be leaving for my Bellydancing class.

It’s a special class, called Dancing in the Flow or Shut-up and Dance where we just dance for forty-five minutes.  No teaching, no talking,  the only breaks are quick ones for water.

I love it.  The first one I ever participated in allowed me to dance without thinking and see how much I really did and didn’t know.

Today’s Dancing in the Flow is a bit of a dress rehearsal for this coming Saturday when The Bennington Beledi Tribal Bellydancer (with me included) will be a part of a Flash Dance Mob in Arlington Vermont.

American Tribal Bellydancing or ATS is a language all its own.  That means anyone who knows it can dance with anyone else who knows it, anywhere in the world.  And this Saturday all the ATS dancers all over the world will be dancing to one song.

The song we’ll be dancing to is a fast one.  The first time I tried dancing to it I couldn’t keep up.  So I thought I would just be in the chorus, doing one or two moves in the background while the other women in my class danced upfront.

But the more we practiced the more I was able to keep up with the others.

And then last week Julz, one of my teachers, said they decided it was more important for us all to dance together if we could.  So she would lead and keep it simple, not doing any complicated moves.  That’s one of the things I really love about the women I dance with, the tribal sisterhood that shows up in ways like this.

They care more that we dance together than about their own individual egos.

Okay, now I have to get ready for class.  I know I’ll be too tired to blog when I get home tonight, so have a good night and see you in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Shut Up And Dance

  1. Hope you had a great class, look forward to pictures from the flashmob.
    Did you sew the new skirt yourself? Love how the flower colors match the elephant fabric

    1. I didn’t sew it Hannah. I keep thinking I can make my own bellydancing clothes, but I usually don’t want to do anymore sewing when I leave my studio. And by the time I bought the fabric, it’s less expensive to buy the whole skirt. There’s many yards of fabric in those skirts!

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