Making A Quilt Around Carol’s Batik

Carol Law Conklin’s batik printed on fabric.

I don’t know why I never thought to do this before, but I’m doing it now.

I bought two of Carol Law Conklin’s batiks printed on fabric at the Adirondack Fiber Festival a couple of weeks ago.  They’ve both been sitting on my ironing board.  I’d look at them and pull some fabric from my shelf that I thought would work with them.

Today I got the urge to sew some of them together.  I have one of Carol’s cutting boards with this same image on it. This mystical landscape has elements that go from recognizable to abstract drawing me into its feeling of being both earthy and otherworldly at the same time.

As soon as I laid it on my studio floor, I saw the red “steps” leading up to the image and knew what to do.

This is as far as I got this evening. I have a vague idea of what comes next….

You can see and buy Carol’s work here. 

4 thoughts on “Making A Quilt Around Carol’s Batik

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how absolutely brave you are, forging ahead with improbable and unlikely combinations of colour and pattern. Walking on the water and having it flow so beautifully that it looks like its by design rather then chance though sometimes its hard to decide. Bringing symmetry and order to the chaos. Courage my love as they say.

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