Our Latest Podcast, Jon’s Arc-De-Triomphe (Plus Fish, Wool, Puppies)

Jon’s “Arc-De-Triomphe” in the fish tank.

I do think the stone arch that Jon built in the fish tank was a triumph.  And I talk about why in our latest Podcast called Jon’s Arc-De-Triomphe (Plus Fish, Wool, Puppies).  

In my mind, the triumph is really about the ability for someone to change and do something new no matter how small it may at first appear or where they are in life.

So come listen to our latest podcast.  You can do it by clicking here or on the Podcast button on my blog.

You can also listen to any of our Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm  Podcasts anytime by clicking here.

Thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Our Latest Podcast, Jon’s Arc-De-Triomphe (Plus Fish, Wool, Puppies)

  1. I have had zero interest in fish tanks for the whole of my long life. Now I wait eagerly for your fish news is that a triumph or what?

    We have the tv ROKU channel on their fish tank screen saver and my only interest is in occasionally watching the star fish move slowly around–your tank beats this hollow!

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