Fate and Zinnia, Not Friends Yet

Fate in Zinnia’s “playpen”

Fate who love people, all people anywhere, is not so generous when it comes to other dogs.

It took her two weeks to get used to both Gus and Bud when we got them. I imagine it will take her as long to get used to Zinnia.

I don’t worry about Fate hurting Zinnia, she stalks her like she stalks Minnie (not Flo, she’s afraid of Flo and does anything to avoid her) and lifts her lip to show her teeth.

But I know soon they’ll be playing just as she eventually played with Gus and now plays with Bud.

Jon picked up this doggie playpen for Zinnia at the thrift store in town.   This morning when Jon took Zinnia for a ride, I was upstairs in the office/guestroom doing my shipping.  When I came downstairs, Fate was sleeping in the bed inside the playpen.

She obviously got in(probably to get any treats that Zinnia left behind) but couldn’t get out.


3 thoughts on “Fate and Zinnia, Not Friends Yet

  1. How funny. Made me laugh. Also, very sweet picture of you holding Zinnia. Thank you for the video of Zinnia. She is beautiful and already so big. It is amazing how fast they grow.

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