Three Graces, First Step

While I was waiting for my photo program to update this morning, I walked around my studio trying to decide what to do next.

I looked at the box that Carole sent me with fabric in.  Every once in awhile I agree to do a commission. Much of my decision depends on how I’m feeling about the commission when I’m asked.

And this is just intuition really. It has less to do with the person and what they want and more to do with a feeling.  There are just times when everything inside of me screams no and other times when it’s a yes.  

But it also has to do with the person asking and what they’re looking for.

When I agreed to make a quilt for Carole, she reminded me that the last time she asked I told her it wasn’t a good time for me.  But today a box of fabric that Carole has been collecting sits on my studio floor waiting to become a quilt.

I also thought about sewing together the Potholders that I started making last week and finished up yesterday. And as I looked at them wondering if that was indeed what they wanted to become, I lifted the old red and white quilt that was on my ironing board and spread it out on the floor.

I have the beginnings of an idea for another wall hanging.  Another full-length Goddess on an old quilt top backing.

When I unpinned the piece of fabric that Colleen sent me with The Three Graces on it, that’s been hanging on my studio wall and placed it on the red and white quilt, it didn’t work.

So I began looking through the stack of old quilts folded on top of my shelf.  It feels like when I’m doing this, I go to another place, a different state of mind. I stop thinking with my head and start feeling from the center of my body.  It’s like I’m connecting to the space around me. Boundaries are dropped, my gaze, as well as my body, becomes soft.

Without using words, I’m asking what it wants.

As soon as I put The Three Graces on top of the old quilt, I had the answer to my first question.  And because I don’t know what the piece will look like when it’s done I also opened up an unknown amount of more questions.

I cut off a section of the old quilt the size that seemed right with the colors that worked best.   This is the first step in a new fabric painting.

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