My Shekinah Sticker

Ever since I had my Flying Vulva Decals made by the company Sticker Mule, they’ve been sending me deals on stickers and pins that I can’t resist.

Their lastest is 50 dye cut stickers for $19.  I love putting stickers with my own images on the packages I send out.  The other reason I do it is that Sticker Mule makes it ridiculously easy to create a sticker from my photos.

So this is the sticker that will be on my packages soon.  It comes from one of my Shekinah Potholders that I made a while ago. I also made a fabric painting using the same image.

I really do like this stylized vulva image, so I’m glad to be able to put it out into the world again in another way.

My Shekinah Fabric Painting

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