Periwinkle Pockets Of Light

Reflected light in the snow.

They were everywhere this morning, those periwinkle pockets of light in the snow.  They glow as if lit from below.

When I see them I always think of the art of James Turrell.  I saw his work the first time I ever went to the Whitney Museum when I was in High School and I never forgot it.

Now I think of his light sculptures when I’m shoveling snow.

When I looked at the photos I took of the reflected light in the snow, I thought they could just as easily be a picture of a cloudy sky with hints of blue peeking through. 


2 thoughts on “Periwinkle Pockets Of Light

  1. Lovely! I don’t remember ever seeing this when I shoveled snow. (I grew up in Iowa, was usually just trying to get it off the driveway.) Thanks for noticing and taking photos.

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