The Second Quilt For Ellen

This morning the light is just right to get a good photo of the second quilt I made for Ellen.

I’ll write more about both quilts later.  Right now I’m going to get to work backing this one.  I found the right piece of fabric for the backing and I’m excited to get started.

6 thoughts on “The Second Quilt For Ellen

  1. When I first saw this quilt, I went “Wow.” The colors just seemed so powerful and strong. Very beautiful and very vibrant. Can’t wait to see the backing you choose.

  2. Maria the center has so much depth. The way it spirals out to the colors is wondrous.
    Lucky recipient – this quilt has so much energy. So appropriate for the solstice time.

  3. Maria this is so beautiful. You know how this time of year we often get those wonderful purple and pink skies around twilight as the light bounces around the snow, and then sometimes later that day the moon looks purple? That’s what this quilt reminds me of — a purple moon. Lovely

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