Bellydancing At The Hafla Last Night

Julz, my Bellydancing teacher,  posted a bunch of our dances from our Hafla (a party where we eat and dance) last night on Facebook. (She had to mute the music because of Copywrite issues) I danced with Emily and Callie to a fast and slow song.  This is the slow song.  I’m better at the slow songs than at the fast.

You can see more videos from out Hafla here. 

4 thoughts on “Bellydancing At The Hafla Last Night

  1. Maria,
    This is an amazing demonstration of your beautiful bellydancing expertise. Wow. You look so accomplished and comfortable. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement.

  2. Oh, Maria! You look so peaceful while dancing! I love that this dance looks like you’re telling a story, individually and as a group. This is yet another art form that is an extension of your inner spirit!

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