Mountain Love and Purple Moon

Mountain Love
Back of Mountain Love

Tomorrow I’m meeting Ellen and will give her the two quilts that I made for her.

I’ve made a lot of quilts for Ellen.  Being that she’s a writer, she’s good at describing the people they’re for using words and colors.  And in her emails to me, after seeing the quilts, she gave me the names for them.

When she showed the quilt for her daughter’s boyfriend to her daughter, she said it “looks just like him.”  He lives in the mountains of Vermont and Ellen wrote of the quilt as Mountain Love. 

Then she left this comment on my blog about Purple Moon

You know how this time of year we often get those wonderful purple and pink skies around twilight as the light bounces around the snow, and then sometimes later that day the moon looks purple? That’s what this quilt reminds me of — a purple moon.”

Here are both quilts finished,  front and back….

Purple Moon
Back of Purple Moon

One thought on “Mountain Love and Purple Moon

  1. These two quilts are beautiful and amazing, Maria! I can’t believe how quickly you put them together. Relax and enjoy your bonfire tonight!

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