Beauty and Order

The fabric bulged out of my scrap bin, threatening to pop the top off.  I dumped the fabric on my studio floor and sorted through it.  For a little while, the fabric lay in neat piles according to size and color on my work table.

Then I began making sense of the scraps, sewing them into potholders.  Finding the colors and shapes that I intuitively felt work together, making something useful from chaos.

Trying to create beauty and order in that small part of my world.

2 thoughts on “Beauty and Order

  1. I love how you share your process. I am an accountant & I thrive in the black & white world of spreadsheets. In my spiritual life I strive to challenge myself to be uncomfortable in the grey. I remember telling a friend this & she smiled & said, “Kim there is a rainbow of colors between white & black, not just grey”. I think of that often when I see your postings of how your art takes on a life of it’s own. The amazing combinations of color & patterns you weave together. I find the artist brain fascinating.
    When I was in the midst of getting my graduate degree I knew I needed a break from accounting 40+ hours a week at work & then night classes. I took a break from classes over one summer & took a stained glass class. It was so soothing to sit with people who were creative & just watch how their minds work & let go of my ‘it has to be orderly’ tendencies.
    Thank you for not only sharing your art but the entire process of how a piece comes to life!!

    1. I’m sure I’d be just as fascinated by your mind Kim. Years ago I worked at a frame shop and I was adding up the costs for a few differnt framing jobs for one person. I was there with my calculator and before I could punch the number in she had it all added up in her head. I was amazed! She was an accountant.

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