Thirty Second Meditation, This Morning’s Pond

“Come on dogs”, I called.  Fate jumped up and down walking backward in front of me, her eyes wide with anticipation, her ears straight out one either side of her head expectant that I’d tell her to “get the sheep”.

Instead, I told her to “get off”, that we were going for a walk.  Zinna obediently and excitedly ran along side of me.

I was headed to the small pond in the back pasture after feeding the donkeys and sheep.  Every morning the pond is different from the morning before.

Sometimes I have to look more closely to see it, other times it’s obvious.  The water is still, or rippled with wind or rain, migrating ducks or geese are there or not, it’s covered in ice or ice is forming around the edges, tiny fish dart through the water or the water rushes through the culvert.

This morning heavy snow fell from the thin branches of the bushes surrounding the pond, plunking into the water creating colliding rings.

As I took my video of this morning’s pond, Fate laid in the snow waiting patiently, while Zinnia explored the edges of the water more than she ever had before, splashing around adding unexpected sounds to my meditation.


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