Reading At The Mansion

Zinnia fell asleep while Jon and I read stories and poems.

Jon always gets a crowd when he reads at The Mansion.  I went with him today and we took turns reading out loud.

Linda closed her eyes but said she heard every word and that Jon has a nice voice (which he does).  Betsy, who is hard of hearing read Jon’s book Saving Simon while I read Yankee Dog, a short story from his book Dancing Dogs.  

I got some of the baseball references wrong but both Nancy and Jon were there to correct me.   I also read a kid’s book called Room on The Broom By Julia Donaldson.  I like the feeling of the words when I read that story.  They just roll along so easily, like a spoken song.

I love being read to, so I’m glad to be able to pass along the joy of being read to.  And then I get to hear Jon read too, which is always a pleasure.

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  1. I just took an online class for work, the book that was discussed was The Enchanted Hour. It was excellent! Promoting reading out loud to older children and the elderly. Story time is not only for preschoolers but for everyone. Read on Jon and Maria!

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