Making Placemats, A Video

I did finally get my machine working, part of the problem was the direction I was sewing in. Below is the stitching I did on the placemat in the video…

And I’m signing each one too…

4 thoughts on “Making Placemats, A Video

  1. Hi Maria, I just wanted to thank you for posting the placemat video. Ever since you produced the other placemats you posted, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do them. I quilted a bedspread about 40 years ago (by hand) and swore I would never quilt again! Seeing your placemats inspired me to once again quilt on a much smaller scale. I wasn’t sure about the quilting part, so it was great to see your post today about how you do it. I don’t have a freehand machine, but think I can still do something with the Singer machine that used to be my mother’s. I bought your Summer Solstice quilt and have been inspired ever since I received it. Finally took the plunge.

    1. Jane, how I love to hear that! I’m so glad to be able to inspire and I too gave up quilting after trying it years ago. But the kind of work I do is just all creative and enjoyable. That’s the way to do it in my mind. I’m so glad my quilt inspires you too. If you have any questions, just email me. I’d love to see what you end up making.

  2. When I asked you last year about placemats, these are exactly what I had in mind. Colorful!
    I would love to have a set of four. I’ll take these 3 if they are still available, and a 4th if it’s possible to make one. If already sold, would you be willing to make 4 for me?

    1. Debbie, you must have helped put the idea in my mind, you never know how that will work! So thanks. I have two of these sold, so maybe I’ll just make you another four. Ill email you about it. Thanks for asking…again.:)

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