“You Got Me Singing”

I brought this petunia inside at the beginning of the winter. I stayed green all winter long then on Saturday it bloomed.

I’m sitting at my sewing machine quilting the last placemat for Debbie listening to Leonard Cohen singing You Got Me Singing and I keep thinking about a comment Marcia left on my blog.

Marcia is doing some homeschooling with her 11-year-old grandson since schools have shut down. “I am touched by how humble this experience has made him.” she wrote. She’s using some of her time with him to “teach him meditation, and talk about how we can choose how we react.”

Marcia who is 77 years old had the virus in February, although she didn’t know it at the time.

I smile every time I picture Marcia with her grandson together. This is one of the good things to come from the Coronavirus and the way it has turned our lives upside-down.

Leonard Cohen and Marcia both got me thinking of all that we still have during this strange time instead of what we already have and might be giving up.




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  1. How nice, Maria…..thank you for your lovely comments. “school” continued today, and another lovely meditation, one of our cats, Boz, constantly interrupted our meditation time, so it was an opportunity to teach Teddy that even if focus is interrupted, we can continue on, and then we began thinking about how dramatic all the changes are for the animals. Tomorrow Teddy plans to interview Boz about how he feels being a member of our family. Cannot wait to hear how Teddy interprets Boz’s thoughts…..good humor continues. I am pretty tired, but think this challenge we face will show me how strong I really am. My daughter-in-law, the director of an assisted living facility for the memory impaired, has just come home from work feeling quite sick. She has been very stressed by trying to maintain distance between her residents, and dealing with many sick employees.
    Love your colorful photo and the fact that the placemats are keeping you busy. The colors are wonderful.

    1. Ah I need that lesson in focus too Marcia! I was just thinking the other day how there are a million distractions and only one way to focus. Which is of course by focusing. It’s interesting how accepting of the idea of social distancing seems like it should be easy to do, but really isn’t. Shows us how much we really need that contact with each other. Keep up the good teaching!

  2. Oh my gosh, Maria, how can I begin to say thank you for Robin, for Leonard Cohen, for you? Other than, well, thank you!

  3. Thank you, especially for the song. I live alone, with my old dog Ellie, and am mostly staying put these days. I’m pretty sure Ellie is ready to go with the angels within the next week. I will find a way to be ok. She’s been my companion for 16 years. Thanks again for the song.

    1. Oh Eunice, I’m sorry that you may be losing Ellie soon. Always difficult but especially now. Know that you are part of the community here on my blog. Come visit, send an email, or leave a comment and we’ll be here. We need each other now.

  4. Hi Maria, I just listened to your podcast and just wanted to say thank you for your and Jon’s perspective. It’s pretty surreal. I know we’ll get through it, it’s just a strange time in history. I loved the Leonard Cohen song you posted, I think I’ll try to post in on Facebook for some good cheer out there in social media world. We just have to collectively “keep on keeping on”. Loving thoughts to Bedlam Farm and all of its inhabitants. ❤️

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