“Nothing Is Going To Stop Me From Dancing Tonight”

The coin sash that Eve brought me back from Sinai, Egypt.

I tied the coin sash around my hips and did a little shimmy to try it out.   It made a soft swishy sound, unlike any of the other’s I have.

Last Sunday our friend Eve Marko came to visit and she brought me the coin sash which she got in Sinai, Egypt on a recent trip there.  I was surprised not only that she brought me a gift, but also that it was the perfect gift.

This evening, I tied the coin sash around my hips again, took off my socks and put on my Zills.  I clicked on the video in the facebook message on my computer screen then hit the “play” arrow.

There was Julz, my Bellydancing teacher, in a choli, skirt, and coin sash,  ” Nothing,” she said, “is going to stop me from dancing tonight.”

The music began and Julz started dancing, and I was in my studio dancing with her.

A few days ago Julz sent out a video to everyone in our Bellydancing class of her doing a tribal workout.  That’s the 30 minute dance workout that she leads before every class.  Every week Julz comes up with a new playlist and improvises a workout that combines bellydancing and strengthening exercises.

Before our classes were canceled I’d been practicing dancing and Zilling in my studio.  This was the second week without class and I realized that practicing is fine, but without someone else to dance with I was beginning to get bored.

I found myself doing the same moves over and over again, which is fine for practice, but not very creative or stimulating when dancing.   I also keep doing the moves that I would usually do to get out of the lead, but there’s no one else to take over.  No one for me to follow.

I’ve always been more comfortable dancing alone in my studio than I have been in class, but I don’t think I’m interested in comfort anymore. I’m craving the interaction that goes on between me and the other women in my class when learning and dancing.

That’s why the videos that Julz made for us means so much to me.  Seeing her dedication and determination is heartening.  And I know that the other women in my class are dancing in their own homes to the same video.

And then when I tied on the coin sash that Eve gave me, it’s like she’s a part of the dance too.

So even though I’m the only one in my studio, I’m not dancing alone anymore.



6 thoughts on ““Nothing Is Going To Stop Me From Dancing Tonight”

    1. Zills are the small cymbals we wear on our fingers and play while dancing. I’m just learning how to do both at the same time Marsha.

  1. What beautiful thoughts:
    you looking for more than comfort
    your friend joining the dance by giving you the coin sash
    the unity of dancing together while apart.
    That last one, unity while apart, I think of each week in church (and now in e-church). By avowing these beliefs that have been said by millions over thousands of years, we join that greater body of people.
    Thank you for such lovely food for thought today.

    1. It’s very beautiful the idea of joining together with all the people who have believed the same over the years Tricia. “Unity while apart” thanks for those words.

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