Happy Potholders

Happy Potholders

Well, it happened.  Those Happy Potholders that I knew were somewhere inside of me emerged today.

I usually don’t work over the weekend, but have a feeling that’s I’m going to want to finish these up tomorrow or Sunday. I think it will be good work for me to do.

9 thoughts on “Happy Potholders

  1. I can’t help smiling when I look at those bright happy pot holders! They are a symbol of joy and lighter times ahead! You have a beautiful soul Maria! Thank you for evoking smiles and hope!

  2. I worry about your packages being delivered around the country; not that YOU will contaminate them, Maria, but someone in the delivery chain.

    Be aware that the Coronavirus stays on cardboard (and probably paper) for up to 24 hours. It stays on plastic for up to 2 to 3 days. If you continue to mail out packages, your customers should be warned.

    Goods delivered or bought at a store should be cleaned if possible (ie cans, packages, produce), and then hands washed thoroughly after handling.

    That info is from the National Institute of Health, CDC, UCLA, and Princeton University scientists.

    COVID-19 needs extreme measures of safety to protect others as well as ourselves. It’s a changed world we live in!

    1. I understand that there is so much to worry about now Hazel. And these guidelines are good to know. But as long as mail is still being delivered the way it is now, I’ll let people decide for themselves if they want to receive it or not. Anyone can choose not to buy my work or treat it the way they do the rest of their mail. I would imagine people are aware enough to make those decisions for themselves.

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