Following Coyote Tracks With Fate

There were lots of tracks it the snow in the woods this morning.

Fate and I followed the footprints of two coyotes along the path.  Fate sniffed at a tree where one coyote left its mark then dug through the snow and scratched up the leaves under it.

Deer, turkey and rabbit tracks crossed our path again and again.  I wonder what they’ll all make of our footprints and the smells we leave behind.

4 thoughts on “Following Coyote Tracks With Fate

  1. Ordinarily, I love the sound of walking through crusty snow. But today it sounds so cold. Here in Indiana, spring preparation is in full, hopeful swing. I had my yard mulched, and then bought a couple of flats of pansies for neighbors. Being in quarantine, we are all anxious to get to planting. That we can do, and yell to each other from yard to yard. It can’t happen soon enough. The Daffodils are in full bloom, and the Forsythia is beginning its takeover. God is going to give us a beautiful spring.

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