Our Latest Podcast: Corona World: Rising To The Role Of Artist In Hard Times

Photo By Jon Katz

Jon and I made another podcast this afternoon called Corona World: Rising to The Role Of Artist In Hard Times. You can listen to it here.

Last week as I was picking up garbage from the side of the road in front of the farm, I thought of the WPA and how during the Depression the government put people to work, including artists.

Photographers were paid to document the effects of the depression around the country and artists were paid to paint murals and create sculpture for public spaces such as post offices and other government buildings.

This was a time in our history where the importance of artists was recognized by our government and valued by society.

I was thinking about this because I was wondering myself what value artists have in a time like we are now experiencing living and dying with the Coronavirus.

This is one of the questions Jon and I explore in this new podcast.

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Thanks for listening.

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