Fog In The Back Pasture

This morning seems so far away.  When I saw that it was foggy, I changed my morning routine and before doing anything else, I opened the gate that let the sheep and donkeys into the pasture.  Then went with Fate to the back pasture to see if I could get some pictures or a video to capture the feeling of the fog.

The videos didn’t work, but I got a couple of photos that I liked.

Back at the house, Jon told me he had already fed the cats. That was unusual, but then he showed me the pictures he got of the fog from the back yard.  I knew he wouldn’t have been able to resist the yowling of a hungry Minnie and Flo as he passed them on the back porch to take his photos.

Soft was the fog.  And that’s how I felt most of today as I hand-sewed the last piece of trim and the backing onto my Three Graces fabric painting.

I started that piece over a month ago when the seriousness of the coronavirus was just sinking in.  I finished it too late, it was already dark,  to get a good photo of it.   But I’ll write about this grounding and fecund piece tomorrow and put it up for sale.

The fog was mostly gone, the sun, bright and warm by the time I got back to the house this morning. The sky was cloudless for the rest of the day.  It’s been so cold and rainy lately, I couldn’t help thinking that the fog brought the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Fog In The Back Pasture

  1. This picture is so peaceful, Maria. I love to see orbs in pictures. The little green one in the lower right. I like to believe they are loving spirits, who are enjoying the view as well.

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