Constant And Plentiful Change

The root of the old maple in the woods makes a small seat, high enough off the ground for me to sit comfortably on. It always seemed to me two separate trees that grew together creating a split right down the middle.

Today as I sat on the root of the tree I was looking at one half of it which broke off in Friday’s storm.  Earlier I had stepped into the branches that used to be surrounded by sky and were now laying on the ground.  I wondered if the tiny leaves would continue to grow, at least for a little while.

Change is constant and plentiful in the woods, but I only see a handful of it.  The ones that catch my attention, like a tree falling, flowers blooming, and the stream running dry.

This shell with holes chewed into it by a small rodent (creating a face),  may have been where I found it today for a long time.

But I know that this apple blossom wasn’t there the last time I walked in the woods because the apple trees hadn’t bloomed yet.  It too probably came down with Friday’s storm.


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