6 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Garden Tour

  1. Hi Maria, I have a gardening question for you. We have an area in front of our house we want to plant some flowers eventually but in the mean time what can we put down to keep the weeds and grass growing in the dirt?

    1. Christine, what I’ve done, is the fall before I’m ready to plant in an area, I cover it with black plastic. That will kill what’s growing and when you take it up in the spring you’ll be able to plant what you want.

  2. Your gardens are beautiful! I love all of your peonys and hostas. Neither of them do very well out here, I think we lack the humidity they like. Once when my sister and I were visiting my aunt and uncle we picked the buds off of my Aunt Julie’s peony bushes and played badminton with them. That didn’t go over very well with Aunt Julie. We had to weed the vegetable garden for a month!

    1. Oh no, I can’t say I blame your Aunt Julie!But I remember playing with the pods from the Catalpa tree in front of the house and having grape fights with the grapes from my neighbor’s vine. Luckily my friends parents didn’t make wine anymore or we may have been weeding a garden too.

  3. What color is your beebalm? I have maroon. My sister in law is moving to assisted living and has some beautiful peonies. I am going to ask her if she would be willing to divide them. She has red, white and a red fern peony. I have double pink peony. My neighbor has a wild blue beebalm, I am going to see if she still has it. Your garden’s are absolutely beautiful!

    1. I have a few differnt colors Marsha, purple and red and we have wild blue growing in the pasture. There are so many different types of Peonies. I hope you get some of your sister-in-laws. They divide and transplant really well.

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