Let’s Try This Again. My Corona Housewife Magnets, Sold Out

Fate (who looks pretty annoyed and I don’t blame her), Zinnia and my Corona Housewife Magnet

My Corona Housewife magnet has given me some trouble.  First Etsy removed it from my shop saying they aren’t selling anything related to the Coronavirus.  Then the Paypal button I put up on my blog post on Monday didn’t work.  And just yesterday the new Paypal button I put up suddenly started charging people $10 shipping for a magnet.

I’m trying to make buying my magnets as easy as possible but there seems to be some resistance.  I’m not sure how to take it all except to keep trying.

So here I go again.

I tested and asked Jon to test the paypal button below and make sure it was working.  So far it is.

My Corona Housewife Magnets are Sold Out $7 including shipping.  You can use the button below to buy them using Paypal or your credit card.  I’ve already sold 85 magnets and only have 15 still available. 


6 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again. My Corona Housewife Magnets, Sold Out

  1. Maria,
    I just bought 2 through the PayPal button and it worked. I would like to donate them two of your favorite local businesses or people to have, from a team member with the Army of Good. I read your blog every day and it continues to bring me joy and inspiration to do more good.
    in peace and gratitude ❣️Carol

    1. Oh THank you Carol. That’s really kind of you. I’ll have to think about who to give them too. I think some of the people who work at the Mansion will love them. 🙂

  2. If another weirdness makes you feel better, I am tracking something from Walmart thru FedEx, FedEx says it will get here tomorrow while Walmart says it will get here by July 31, in 5 weeks. I checked back more than once. Mercury is in retrograde which affects communications adversely. An astrologer I am not, but when communications like the Paypal button going
    kerflooey, I check on Mercury.

  3. Yet, Etsy lets people sell face masks and hand sanitizer. How their not virus related, I don’t know. I guess they’re ok because they don’t use the word coronavirus.

    PS I still don’t seem to be getting follow up comment notices on the occasions I do comment.

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