A Different Way Of Being

Lately, I feel like I’ve been able to enter a space inside of myself that is vaguely familiar, like a memory I had completely forgotten.

It’s as if I’ve been looking through a scrim of anxiety and fear my whole life and it’s clearing.

When I’m there, my mind is quiet and my body calm.  It’s a different way of being.  I think it’s the reality of being very present. Of having only the thoughts and observations of the moment, not the past or the imaginings of the future.  When I’m there I can see more clearly. There is nothing between me and what I am looking at. I move more slowly. I think I’m perceiving the world around me more truthfully.

Right now I only get glimpses of this reality.   But unlike before, now I know it exists.

In a way, it’s like walking through the woods and seeing shadows and movement from the corner of my eye.   One day I’ll turn quickly enough or be still enough to see those fleeting images for what they truly are.



6 thoughts on “A Different Way Of Being

  1. Maria, firstly, great shot of Fate. I love the ethereal feel of this photo. Fate looks like some wise, secretive beast who told you a truth, and was heading back to the forest. Secondly, I know this place, too, inside where all is calm and safe. I believe as you said, it’s when we are very present. I’ve been taught that to look back causes regret, to look forward causes fear. The only safe place is now. When I am able to be right here, I do feel that peace and safety. It’s good to know that others feel the same. Thank you for sharing.

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