Power Again

Heart Mushroom growing in our pasture.

The electricity came back on around 9:30 last night.  Just a few hours after National Grid said they’d have it fixed.  I consider us very lucky knowing that there are lots of people who still have no electricity after last week’s storms.

Last night since our stove is electric, I barbequed Bison burgers and squash, from the garden, on the grill for dinner.   I left the dirty dishes in the sink conserving the little bit of water left in the water tank.

It’s usually good for one flush.

I thought of what we’d need to do if the electric stayed out longer than overnight.  But thankfully I didn’t even have to haul a bucket of water from the pond to flush the toilet.

When the electricity came back on Jon and I were in bed, relieved, and grateful when the air conditioner buzzed and hummed back to life.


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