Co-op Doorminding

I sit under the shade of the umbrella on the gravel parking lot outside the Cambridge Co-op. I move the pebbles from one side of the milk crate to the other, keeping count of how many people are in the store.

Only five are allowed at a time.

No one complains when they have to wait.

One woman praises us for doing such a good job.  I chat with my neighbor whose woods I walk in with Fate and Zinnia as she waits patiently for one of the five people to come out of the Co-op before going in.  I talk to a man I’ve never seen before about what it’s like to go to a hospital these days.

My friend Mandy who I’ve talked to on the phone but haven’t actually seen in weeks smiles big behind her mask as she walks towards me. We catch up with each other before she goes into shop.

In between I draw lines and shapes in my sketch pad, each one informing the next until hope emerges.  My replacement door minder shows up before I get to finish my drawing.

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